Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I missed April entirely

Here's the April round up.

Right after those photos of the jump roping girls? It snowed.

2013-03-25 08.13.20

We drove to Massachusetts for Easter, and Q6 dressed up in the car with some fun Easter junk that she got in a basket. C8 refused to wear the mask, of course.

2013-03-29 09.04.49

Q6 had her birthday and became Q7. We did much better this year than last year ... cookies on sticks for school, family party, and a girl party at Chillum Splash Pool. I sent the invites out on Friday for a Sunday party. Said no gifts, please, spent 2 hours swimming, 45 minutes playing and eating cupcakes (no frosting, just baked on sparkly sugar,and it was perfect).

Q7 birthday at Chillum Splash Pool2013-04-14 15.58.34

More updates for May soon.