Friday, March 31, 2017

Back in time, again. MARCH.

MARCH. Biggest thing in March was that I went down to Florida to visit Meme71 as a late birthday visit.  She picked me up from the airport, we visited botanic gardens, we ate out all of the time,  we went to a play, we went swimming, and basically had a lovely time.

Back in Maryland, Q10 and S10 worked baking cookies to sell. They are working to save enough money to send a girl or some girls to school from countries where girls are disadvantaged. They are doing great, making a lot of money. After baking and selling we all walked to Yogi Castle for a weeeeeeee little snack.

And the neighbors got a cute adorable Portugese Water Dog. I took him in during telecommute days a few times so she could be walked during the day to bridge the gap between them being home and when the dogwalker could start coming.

And, as a finale: Me in Crazy I'm on the PLAAAAANE to FLORIDA mode!