Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rehobeth Beach

I took my birthday weekend with K46 in Rehobeth, Delaware. LOVED that beach! The water was warm in late September, the parking was free, and the beaches were NOT crowded.

And LOOK at that kite!! COW.

2016-09-24 13.47.42

We got to walk on the beach quite a bit. These birds were cute!

2016-09-25 09.51.23

Running away from the surf:

2016-09-25 13.50.10

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Camping Birthday Weekend

We decided to go cabin camping over labor day weekend. By the time that weekend rolled around TCR47 & I were NOT looking forward to it. But we ended up going and had a fun time.

Since it was C's birthday weekend, we let her bring a friend (and Q10 had a friend going; we went with 3 other families, one of those families included Q's good friend P10).

2016-09-03 15.50.36

M12 brought a BOATLOAD of junkfood, shared by all of the kids, opened and dug into during the short 45  minute car ride there. C11/12 brought her computer and they spent much of the trip with one other child at the free wi-fi spot watching Dr. Who. Whatever. They were OUTSIDE watching Dr. Who.

I don't know what they were eating here, but it was JUNK.
2016-09-04 15.51.09

We brought a Fuji Apple cake with cream cheese frosting for C12's birthday.

2016-09-04 19.27.34

2016-09-04 19.27.36

2016-09-04 19.27.39

2016-09-04 19.27.41

We went to a water park, C12 & M12 did kayaks with TCR, Q spent a boatload of time on a hammock. Fires, food, friends, fun.