Tuesday, November 30, 2010


C6 was at the table eating a snack and she told Q4 that the 3 kids she sits at a table with at school don't believe in Santa.

I was around the corner, so I couldn't really see the reaction.

C6 followed up with "But Santa can't die so I know that's not true!"

I'm so glad.

Monday, November 22, 2010

C6's turkey tunes

Turkey Tunes went ... as well could be expected. C6 LOVES to be at the front of the class. And she was at the front of the class. Front and center. Because when the kids were singing she was talking. When they were sitting, she was standing. When they were standing, she was sitting. When they all swayed left, she swayed right. She put her hands over the boy next to her's face. She stuck out her tounge. She added her own commentary to the songs.

Poor little S6, next to C6. They are best friends this year, but S6 looked so stressed the whole time because C6 was talking, hugging, whispering, poking her. S6 actually wanted to sing.

We've got more of this good stuff online. More of the same. Poking, talking, making faces, showing underwear, taking the bow out of the hair, then put it back in.

Best part ... undocumented, of course ... everybody gave a bow, and C6 fell all the way to the floor in a heap. Then she got up, everybody bowed again, and she fell to the floor in a heap again.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fairy house in Takoma Park

Q4 & C6 visited a fairy house last weekend while I worked. They left gifts, and took gifts. Cute.

The Fairy Tree

Lunch on a Rock

The Fairy Tree

The Fairy Tree

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey, are we sick again?

Update: C6 has another earache, just over a week after she finished her antibiotics (Thursday the 4th) for her last earache, had an auto-immune reaction to the amoxicillin (Friday/Saturday the 4th/5th). So last night C6 woke up in the middle of the night crying over an earache and hot froma fever.

I got to comfort her for a half hour or so. But then I got to bed and she called for DAADDDDDY! Ahhh. Well, I still didn't sleep well, but C41 slept worse. Because he was with C6.

Nothing new with Q4. She's reading really really well, going to bed well, with little if any intervention. Thank you time change!!! Haha, she gets up earlier, but she is tired by the time bedtime rolls around. I love fall back.

Best line from Q4 today: Italians make spaghetti best.
Mistquoting "Where do they Make Balloons?" by They Might be Giants.

Monday, November 15, 2010

DEAR time

Tonight after dinner I offered C6 & Q4 a movie after they went and washed their hands. Q4 took off going "YEAAHHHH!" and C6 said, "No! I know, Let's have DEAR time instead!!"

Q4 wasn't super into it, but she went for it. So DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) it was. Q4 read to me, I read to her, and C6 read Ozma of Oz.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Q4 hair

We have a new backyard trampoline. A HUGE backyard trampoline, thanks to one generous uncle. This thing is 14' across. This is almost 3 of me! But not quite.

One minor problem has been the finding of a suitable place to park it. I thought the upper garden. No, that was unacceptable because it wasn't level, and it ran into the adorable little Harry Lauder's Walking Stick tree. And the Hemlock over hung a little too close. And the edge of uppergarden loomed a little close. And we don't have the nets for the edge of the trampoline yet.

So, we moved it. To the bottom of the garden. Which is, I have to admit, just as hilly. Actually, maybe more slanted. No matter. We moved it again. Still at an angle.

Fine, just jump already!!

Best part: The jumping!! Worst part: The shocks that I get when the kids wander over and snap me with when they reach out and touch me after jumping for a couple of minutes. ZAPPP!

C6 high Q4 high

Friday, November 5, 2010


C6 seems to not remember her dreams. If she says she had a dream she'll say it was about a corgi or something. Q4, on the other hand, really does remember her dreams.

Q4: I had a crazy dream last night.
C41: Really? What happened?
Q4: It was a zebra with four legs. No, 21 legs! And ears like a polar bear. and a camel's humps. And it was pink stripes, not black and white.
C41: Did you ride it?
Q4: No. There was sharp metal on it. It was broken but I taped it up. [Sound effects and visuals: Shhhhhhhht! Pat, pat, pat]