Friday, April 27, 2012

C7 frolicking

C7 frolicking by mevelin
C7 frolicking, a photo by mevelin on Flickr.

Update from International Day!

International Day

The girls have international day at school today. C7's class is doing India, and Q6's class is doing the US. Cool!

C7 wanted to go to the Sari Palace to buy a sari, but after looking and seeing that they might be $50 I thought no, not just for one day. So we improvised so C7 wouldn't have to wear her uniform.

M43 had given me a great scarf last  year after her trip to India, and brought back necklaces for the girls. And recently she gave C7 a sparkly shirt that K8 didn't like. I'll tell you why she doesn't like it ... it itches in the underarms. But I got C7 to wear a camisole and put it on, because a sparkly shirt was just the thing. And she put on shorts, and we wrapped the scarf [that I ironed, I might add] around her like a sari and BOOM. Her outfit. Yes, everything came from M43! I think she looks great.

M8 and C7 in saris for international day

Since Q6's class was doing the US we thought C7's colonial girl outfit from Halloween would work for her. She's wearing her cumberbund a bit low, but heh, that's fine. We found the mob cap. By we I mean me. Because I sent both Q6 and C7 down to look for it where I knew it was and neither of them could find it. Right where it said it was in the dress up clothes. It is kharmic revenge for all the times I did the same thing to my parents, I'm sure.

Q6 in colonial girl outfit for international day

They both look great, and I'm sure international day will be fun.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Track meet

Q6 signed up for track this year. It is kind of late, actually, so we've missed all the Thursday night practices, and one meet. In fact, we've gone to exactly one track practice and one meet.

Both times Q6 was rather nervous, and wasn't sure she wanted to go. Well, she was sure she wanted to go until she saw the big track and then ... oh. But the track practice was fine, she ended up loving it and saying "that was an hour? It felt like a minute!" and she loved running the hills workout and the "robot" exercise. In fact she does the robot at random times in our house just for fun.

The track meet last night was a moment for excitement -- until we got there. Before we got there she was running around in her uniform, doing exercises, the robot, etc. and basically excited to go. C7 was excited to go and cheer her on, too. But then when we go there -- wow. I was intimidated. Two busloads of kids, and tons of cars and people. The track was gorgeous and huge.

Q6 and I did the lap around the track warm up together, and then she was happy to let me go.

She signed up for her first race. The 100, the 400, and the 200 (although she skipped the 200).

Here is a video of the 100. The coach asked me to take this so we could see her running. Even though she had a rough start (oh, the starting gun? Yeah, OK, I've got to go!) she runs it through to the end, which is great.

Q6 got a 3rd place ribbon for this, so she should be proud (even though in her heat she was with older kids and came in last, which kind of upset her).

Then a break, then the 400. That is a lap around the whole track. To an adult, it might not be much, but to a 6 year old ... she looked really small from far away.

You can see she is nervous. She the little girl on the inside. Biting her hair.

Q6 Ready for 400 Meters Q6 Ready for 400 Meters

Again, she came in dead last on this one, but she made it all the way around without stopping, and she again ran it through at the end instead of just drooping off at the end, and that is hard to do. She got a 6th place ribbon, though, and it upset her to come in last and way after the other girls.

Q6 With Her Ribbons

She was hungry and tired so instead of staying for the 200 we decided to go, but she was still upset. So upset, in fact, that she threw her ribbons out when she got  home, and said she wanted to do practice but not meets. She sounds just like I always felt.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


lilac by T Carter
lilac, a photo by T Carter on Flickr.

for martha.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blue clothes

While waiting for our turn yesterday at the HairCuttery Q6 and I looked through a magazine ... and saw a number of blue clothing items.

So when we got home she changed into her new blue clothes and did a little modeling.


Friday, April 20, 2012

new haircuts

New haircuts today. The girls' hair was getting much too long. Initially neither girl wanted a haircut, but last night I said "Tomorrow we'll go to HairCuttery and then YogiCastle" and the objections on lips faded a bit. C7 said we could cut up to the birthmark on her neck (that's short!) Q6 was nervous, still, but waiting in the waiting room at the HairCuttery she saw some hair color products in People Magazine (pink! purple! blue!) and I told her we could buy some after her haircut. So she willingly went to get her hair cut.

The hairdressers were great and made both girls feel great. And it was so sweet, both girls kept telling each other how cute the new haircuts looked.

The bangs look super cute on C7! My suggestion, but her choice. Actually, she wanted them over her eyes so she'd look like a sheepdog.

Q6's hair is slightly shorter than her shoulders, but it is difficult to tell in this photo. I think it should have gone a tiny bit shorter so Q6 couldn't chew it.


H6 visited after haircuts, so I included her in the picture.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Making candles

C7 got a candle-making kit for Christmas, and Q6 just got one for her birthday, so they decided to make candles. This is the greatest kit ever, because it took virtually no work on my part. The girls did it on their own and came out with cute candles ... and both of them brought candles into their teachers. C7 of course has food on her face.
100_9303 100_9319 100_9301 100_9321

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slip & SLIDE!

In the 1970s or 1980s, they had advertisements for Slip -n- Slide. And it looked AWESOME. I always wanted one. And I always thought that a hill would make a slip & slide even more awwwwwwesome. And a little bit dangerous. And I knew that Q would love it.

As it turns out, hills are good for the slip -n- slide, but you have to be careful. The water must be dribbling ONTO the slide. And it helps to have the water pooling a bit onto the slide, so it is slippery.

Problems aside, it worked out well. Best gift ever for a really hot April.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mt. Vernon

K8 really wanted to visit Mt. Vernon while she was here visiting. Q6 made a little fuss about it being HER birthday and HER day and SHE should get to choose. But ... we still went to Mt. Vernon and everybody had a great time. We didn't stay too long, and we went early. We were there by 8:00 for an 8:20 tour. We had bought an extra ticket thinking that MM was coming, but he didn't. We missed him, but we sold his ticket to a lovely stranger who bought it from me after I asked the ticket office if they'd take a return.

We brought Flat Stanley along for the girls' cousins in Georgia.

Flat Stanley at Mt. Vernon

Flat Stanley at Mt. Vernon

Flat Stanley with sheep

flat stanley and a sheep

After going through the house (no photos, please) we sat outside and looked in the little out buildings here and there.


The girls love the necessary. I love the necessary.

3 girls at the necessary

We headed down to the Potomac, visited the 16-sided barn, and a little slave house. We stayed at the slave house a long time. The girls pounded corn, threw the corn to the chickens, and told the interpreters that there were squirrels in the chicken house. They knew. They didn't care. I'm betting every single guest tells them there are chickens in the hen house!

C7 and chickens

C7 and the chickens

And we saw and smelled a lot of animals. I think they had 80+ lambs.

100_9263 Q6 and sheep 2

Good times.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Q6's birthday

Q6 first picture

Not only was April 15, 2012 Q6's 6th birthday, but it was also the day that the RMS Titanic sank.

I've been asking Q over the last few weeks what she wanted to do for her birthday, and although she first thought birthday party, she ended up deciding she wished to take a friend to the Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, PA. Here's the real link. We haven't done this yet because it isn't open until May. So ... Land of Little Horses in the future!

Nevertheless, she still had a birthday at home to deal with. Q had cookies at school on Friday (really cute ones! I made big circles on lollipop sticks, frosted them white, and frosted each child's initial on them in the color of the table they were sitting at. They were cute), but she refused a cake on her actual birthday. No cake, no cupcakes, no cookies. Nothing. All she asked for was strawberry ice cream, so I didn't make anything.

On the way to Mt. Vernon with her sister and cousin on her birthday morning, however, she and C7 and K8 were discussing the RMS Titanic, and making an iceberg and a Titanic cake and smashing them into each other.

So ... while I wasn't up to making a Titanic cake at the last minute, we came up with a compromise ... ice cream iceberg and a Titanic cookie -- I had leftover dough from Friday's cookies, so it was easy!

So, we sang Happy Birthday and smashed an unsinkable ship into an iceberg. And then ate it.

Q5 and the titanic

Titanic 1

Titanic 2

Titanic 3

Titanic 4

Tasty disaster.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Service to the community

Way back in the fall the Hyattsville Elementary School PTA hosted a book sale. C7 at that time sold tickets for free lemonade, redeemable April 14, 2012. She gave the money to the HES PTA in November, but as the date came due ... certain of our friends reminded us that TODAY was THE DAY.

Since there was a parade anyway, we decided to honor our commitments with a lemonade stand, but this time the money would go to the Greenbelt animal shelter.

Here is the stand set up, and Q5 ready to provide drinks. Yes, that is $.25 purrrrr cup. Nice pun, right?

Q5 at the lemonade stand

And here is C7 with a service dog in training ... he's young, but already REALLY well behaved!! He could sit already, he was calm and easy going.

C7 and a service dog in training

The girls earned $16.65 for the Greenbelt Animal Shelter. We'll be going to donate the money sometime soon! At $.25/cup (dixie cup) they did a nice job.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


This year we found out that the Easter bunny can change regular beans into jelly beans -- provided you've collected them when you've done good deeds (helping out, being polite, eating with your mouth shut, etc.). So during Lent we collected good deeds as pinto beans and this is what we found Easter morning ...

Easter bunny was here

The bunny also brought treats (dog stuffie and horse stuffie and candy) but the Easter bucket also makes a nice hat

C7 with bunny hat

We spent a lot of time outside, weeding, working on the soon-to-be-ours side yard, and the girls found some special places.

girls in weeds

The dogwood and lilac are in bloom (C7 took these pictures).

Dogwood lilac

Q5 stop in the name of love

This last image is of the fairy house, which C7 and Q5 shod with a fairy rug. Sweet.

fairy rug

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Assateague and Chincoteague Day 3

Our last day, and we started early, of course, as C7 woke early (having fallen asleep like a reasonable child) and Q5 slept in a tiny bit (having not fallen asleep like a reasonable child). Breakfast at the breakfast buffet, and then ... the pool. The girls spent two whole hours in the pool, and I even swam for an hour (wow).

C7 jump Q5 jump

We left the islands and headed north to the Maryland national seashore. The ponies are not fenced in here, and one of the first things we saw was this:

Ponies in MD

The ponies in Maryland aren't penned as they are in Virginia. The authorities in Maryland use a chemical birth control to control the population rather than herding and selling them as they do in Virgina. But they roam free, over the parking lots, on the grass, around. So people do get bit and kicked, although thanks to Q5 The Cautious we didn't. When we saw ponies from the car she demanded we roll up our windows.

So, we spent some time on the glorious beach, where we saw about five surfers and two swimmers (they stayed in the water about 2 minutes), a few dogs,and more people than you'd think looking at this photo.

Maryland Beach

The kids enjoyed the sand.

Q5 on beach

C42 and Q5

C7 pkaying in sand C7 playing in sand

And me with kissy lips and my awesome wavy-curly hair!

E42 kissy lips

We went out and took a mini-hike on the dune trail in the national park. On the way there we went by this bunch of ponies ... they just jumped out of the woods along side us and started walking!! And yes, Q5 demanded that I roll up my window, you can hear her in the video.

Q5 was a little nervous because of the ponies and did NOT want to go on the walk, as you can see from this photo. She is walking along a road that was built in anticipation of subdividing the whole island and filling it with resorts and houses. Luckily, this was right before a hurricane blew in on Ash Wednesday, 1962, and resulted in the creation of the national seashore. Thank goodness.

Q7 grump on road

C42 brought her back, though.

Q5 in tree

And I think that is it! Glad to be home!