Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ice Skating

Q10 asked if she could go skating. I took her and a friend, they had a blast, skating for the whole 2 hours, practically non-stop! I was so done by the time they were ready to go.


Although K couldn't come down for Thanksgiving her son J11 still wanted to. So he could play touch football. Which he did. And he dominated the game, as you can see, because he is an incredible two-hand-touch football player.

Then the next day: the zoo. Grey Wolf and a Sea Lion.

Q10, J11, C12
 Q10 and me
Clockwise from left!
 C12, TCR, J11, T, and Q10

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Science extra credit.

Q10 did a great job on this extra credit project, and had a fun time doing it. I just wanted to make sure we keep a photo of it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Amsterdam, Day 5, going home, Tuesday

Odds and Ends. Nothing really to report. We had breakfast and hit the train to go to the airport.

But the girls took multiple photos of our hotel. We'd been placed, for our room, underground, actually, so here is the lobby, our room, and the breakfast area!

She took me eating breakfast with a flower. Love the second one. What am I, picking my teeth with my tongue? 

 The place was filled with tchotchee:

And I cannot stress enough how much the kids liked the elevator. There's our floor, negative 1.

Here's the guided tour.