Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A few days ago we really really finally and absolutely used up all of the water colors. It was down to the dregs around the outside of the paints. We are not able to have that situation for long in our house, so after I picked them up today we headed straight out to buy new paints.

We came home with some gorgeous water colors, vibrant, bright colors (Crayola, if you are interested). We made lots of pictures. Here is a sample:

C5's favorite because of all the beautiful colors, and her second favorite, the hula dancer (see the teeny tiny bikini top?)

C5's favorite painting today Hula Dancer by C5

Q4's favorite was a rainbow. She was a girl of lines today, drawing mulitudes of lines and rainbows and plaids.
Q4's rainbow

And this last one was on the back of the dots. Looks unfinished, but acceptable enough for a photo, I guess.
C5 and the house

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


For what reason, I'm not sure, but I asked Q4 and C5 what their favorite part of the cow was. The results were pretty telling, I think.

C5 instantly said: "None, because I'm a vegetarian."
Q4, however, said: "I like their gutters, because I can put my mouth on them and squeeze them."

Considering she would do that to my gutters if she could, still, I think that answer is appropriate.


Monday, July 19, 2010

I forgot to add

During the show yesterday Q4 was sitting on my lap. Something was a-percolating in her interior, because about three times she looked up at me and say "excuse me" after a nice, stinky fart. Nothing unusual there, eh?

But then she pulled me close to her mouth to ask me what the actors would do if THEY had to fart. Maybe because obviously they couldn't stop what they were doing to excuse themselves??? That is being overly optimistic about her manners, I think.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Long weekend of work, but today we went to Mary Poppins at the Kennedy Center. Lovely, fun, and the kids loved it.

We got there a few minutes early, so hung outside:


The children were eager to go in, so moments after they opened the doors we let them in. A little seat confusion, but we found them eventually. And they were not bad. Just under the balcony, a wee bit far back, but the best seats we could get. But we were facting stage left, on the aisle, which made for a great view for me (on the aisle), despite having a super tall guy in front of me. And Q4 on my lap.

But the show was good, Q4 danced along with the Supercalefragelisticexpealidocious number and the step in time number-- both excellent. Bert actually walked up the walls and over the ceiling, he was really amazing.

Can't wait to take the kids to more plays. Big success.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Q4's new thing

Q4's new thing is sleeping in front of the air vent. Every night I have to tuck her into the floor ... in a sleeping bag, or tucked into a comforter cover (the puffy part underneath her, the cover above her) with a stuffie. Then covers on top of that, so only her face is out, and freezing next to the AC vent. And if she actually lets me tuck her into the bed ... she doesn't stay there; she will end up at the vent.

Can't take a photo, her feet are blocking the door.

What's not for dinner tonight

I guess we won't have spaghetti squash for dinner:

Sprouted squash

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

St. Mary's City

After 12 (12!!) years of being in Maryland I didn't even realize that St. Mary's City was here. C41 tells me I did. But if I once did I promptly forgot.

The point being that Sunday morning we decided to go. Q4 was still asleep (?? it was 8 am, that was crazy in itself) and we got ready, she woke up, ans we all headed out.

It takes almost two hours in the car to get there from here, but all was good except for one blueberry incident (you do NOT drop the blueberries you don't want on the floor of the car!), and we arrived by 11 am.

Q4's request was to go see the Indian village area. We went into a little home, played corn cob darts (FUN!) and I tried on clothes. Nobody else would.

Indian Clothing

Then off to the church, which was 100% reproduction, but had a gorgeous wooden barrel ceiling. The interpreter also showed us the multitude of graves around the property ... about 600 ... all unmarked. Panorama

By the church were frames of houses where they would have been, but hadn't been built up again.

Frame of house

We visited a barn, and then an "ordinary" where folks visiting the city (the first capital city of Maryland, thank you) would have bought dinner and spent the night (on a tick mattress with their hosts on the floor). We visited the printing press (the owner also ran an ordinary), which was cool.

Q4 wearing a Yoke

We were getting very very hot, but we pressed on to the Dove, the ship brought over to facilitate the settler's trading in the colonies.

The Dove

We got to watch it -- and hear it! -- shoot a cannon. It flared and boomed and smoked. We'd already left the ship and were sitting a couple of hundred feet away, but the noise still boomed through us.

C41 had told us there was food there, so we set off in search of lunch. But we couldn't find it. The school (St. Mary's College) was closed, and their were only snacky things in the gift shop. We ended up buying juice boxes, cheese sticks, finishing up bagels and cream cheese from the morning, and sharing an apple, and pulled through til we left, but it was touch and go there for a bit as low blood sugar and heat started to act upon us. I mean me.

We visited and tried on the stocks
Q4 in the Stocks

and some trees in a small --very small-- orchard.
Apple Tree

We visited the statehouse, a large brick building, nice and cool. Q4 was herself there
Q4 being Q4
and C5 wanted her picture next to what Q4 asked if it was an "old fashioned radio"
C5 next to th old fashioned radio but was really the announcement system to tell you about the statehouse.

I definitely enjoyed myself, the place was quite nice, but unlike Williamsburg or Sturbridge Village, which you could visit every year or every couple of years, St. Mary's City was somewhere to visit about once every 10 years or so.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New rules

I got tired of hearing "not fair" last weekend, and I told the kids they could no longer say that (or any version thereof). And if they could manage it for a week, we'd go out for ice cream. This actually worked out in more way than one, since we were likely to get some requests for ice cream more than once this week. Not they are focused on not saying "no fair" and earning that ice cream.

C5 has been quite good, and has said it only once. She is biting her tounge if need be (although, actually, she was never that bad).

Q4 has said "not fair" twice in my hearing, and once out of ear shot (but, luckily C5 told on her). And this afternoon I was telling them no talking or banging in quiet time, only reading, and she started to say the whiney words and BOOM stopped at "NOT --" and laughed at herself. Yippee!

I've moved the ice cream date from Saturday to Monday. So only a few more days and hopefully they'll have forgotten those words.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best things about York Beach, ME, Park V (The people!)

The porch M&M

With Pep & MEME

And on the way home we stopped to visit some more of my favorite people (and eat more great icecream!)

At Mt. Toms

Monday, July 5, 2010

The best things about York, Maine, Park IV (the food!)

Brown's Ice Cream


Q4 at Browns

Sanddollar bread

Sanddollar bread

Ice cream at The Goldenrod

Icecream Icecream cousins

$5 worth of candy

I have no photos of the fried clams, but they were delicious, too!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The best things about York, Maine, Part III B (Things to do and see!)

The amusement park get's its own entry:

On the carousel!

Q on Carousel

K on Carousel

C on Carousel

The Bumper Boats!

Bumper Boats!

Q4 Swings out! She picked this swing specifically.

Quinland Swings out

The slide and the fun house were fun!

The slide
Fun house

C5 & K6 rode the roller coaster at least 6 times.

The rollercoaster

The Best Things about York, Maine, Part III A. (Places to go and things to do!)

The playground just across the street

Swing, Sidesaddle

The animal park

Q and the Goats Goats!


Banana eating buterflies

Looking in mirrors

The mirros

The lighthouse

Girls at the lighthouse

Nubble Light

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Best Things About Maine, Part II (The Cousins)

Wearing the same clothes ....
Three Girls, One Dress

Being the favorite cousin ....
Three Girls

Going to a ball game together ....
C & K & Slugger

Just being together ...


Friday, July 2, 2010

The best things about York, Maine, Part 1 (BEACH)

The Sand.


The water.

Digging at the Beach

The waves.

Surf's Coming In

The rocks.

C on the Rocks

The mermaids

The mermaids