Thursday, April 20, 2017


Easter week/vacation was busy.

First, M48 visited with K13. Then Meme and Pep visited for Easter Day only and we all had Easter dinner together. I have no photos. Then Meme and Pep left, then M48 & K13 left. Then G41 arrived with G, S5, and C6 (ages Unknown). We hung out with them at our house then hit monuments. We did a LOT of walking

We took the Metro down to the city, and just out of the metro we arrived at the the Navy Memorial

Walk walk walk ... West, along the Mall. We arrived outside the new African American History Museum and headed to bathrooms.

We found the bathrooms near the Washington Monument.
All the girls and Me & G41.

The WWII Memorial. The water looked REALLY inviting.

More walking, more water. The FDR Memorial.

Visiting Eleanore

At the FDR Memorial

Visiting with George Mason. His fountain wasn't on. What?? But there was a cool place to sit.

We've walked around the Tidal Basin at this point, and are at the Jefferson memorial. We were starting to get tired. Especially the smallest of us.

Walking near the Vietnam Memorial, trying to get back home.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Q turns 11 -- at IFly Baltimore.

Birthday, of course. Q asked to go to IFly.  She wanted to take 5 friends or so but I balked at the $$ so she took one friend, which seemed just about right to me. Q11, K10, and I did the indoor skydiving. C48 was ineligible because of his separated shoulder, and C12 decided sleeping in was more interesting.
This is us getting there:

And inside and waiting to fly!

Me flying!
Q11, flying!

Watch the videos!

Q Flying:

Q Turns 11

Me flying: