Sunday, May 31, 2015

Making Stuff

Q9 made a new duck-shaped hot pack the other day. No help needed.

2015-05-28 19.46.05

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Art Show

The girls school put on an art show. Everybody in the school had at least one piece in the show. The art was actually quite amazing. But my two favorite pieces were the following:

The Snake:
2015-05-28 18.20.15

There were a number of other snakes, but this one's colors are SO vivid and the background ... well, there IS a background, that a lot of the other snakes didn't have. Fantastic.

The Rainbow Trout:
2015-05-28 18.13.59

Just a fantastic looking fish. I love the gradiations of grey and especially the startled look on it's face.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Girls on the Run

Q9 has been participating in Girls on the Run this year. Our local group is called Sole Sisters, which I can never remember. So the Sole Sisters have been training since March for a 5K. Twice a week after school they ran or ran walked in the neighborhood or around the school grounds.

Blah blah blah. I couldn't run with them this year because of my feet (if you didn't know, and you probably don't, I have slightly frayed tendons, small bit of arthritis, small bunions, and a bit of inflammation. Nothing fixable, but somewhat painful. So ... I'm at about 1 year of not running right now, and still healing. I've got new orthotics and my Morton's Extensions are being made right now. Apparently they had to make the special because ... I have small feet??? I never heard that before) but I'm hoping I can next year if Q9 does it again.

Cut to race day. Pictures.

Q9 before the race started with her bestie H9 (right) and L9 (left) and J.E., H9's mom:

Almost done with the race. Q9's modus operandi was usually to sprint and walk, sprint and walk. But some of the time she ran hand-in-hand with H9.  So cute.


Finishing the race. Isn't this the best picture?? Holding hands, doing a great job!!!!

And ... we took the metro home. Not sure what this face was, but it is worth sharing.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fairie Festival 2015

We went to the Fairie Festival for the first time last year, but being that our kitchen was being remodeled and our home was in disarray, May and June really got the short shrift last year.

The fairie festival is something our friends J and M have done for the last 5 years with their daughter, S9 or 10. I'm going to stick with 9, because I think she was 9 at the festival. The festival itself is kind of like a renaissance festival except with fairies and it is always the first weekend in May, I believe, so it competes with a LOT of other things going on. But this is a fun thing to do.

Q9 got her face painted. C10 declined.

2015-05-02 10.28.23

Not sure why they love Twig the Fairie so much, but we had to have our picture taken with her. You'll notice both Q9 and S9 are also wearing wings:

While listening to music on a hill and eating lunch, kids realized you could RUN DOWN THE HILL. Kind of fun, actually. This picture of C10 is great. She remembered her cloak this year, which last year we did not bring.

And ... a video. I'm not sure if this is the one where they were jumping over me or not.
2015-05-02 16.44.56

There was a maze in a little stand of woods where you put color on your fingers and find something out about yourself depending upon which finger you colored in what order. This was them coloring their fingers at one of the stations, and then C10's hand behind a port-o-pottie. Sweet, right?
2015-05-02 13.11.35 2015-05-02 13.24.45

Kid remembered this gentleman from last year, and his bonking of small fairies on the head with his giant mallet. He was kind of hysterical, actually. So Q9 & S9 were running around him to try to get him to chase them ... which he DID. He chased them across the festival, them screaming. But of course he couldn't catch them, because they are speedy little fairies and he was a giant fairie squisher (and I do mean giant. This man was big). But THEN, somehow, somebody realized THEY could chase HIM. And that hugs and love made him CRY.

2015-05-02 13.47.43 FullSizeRender

Two final photos. TCR45 wasn't feeling well, but well enough to put on C10's cloak. Awesoe picture. And C10 of course couldn't get enough of making fairie houses ... this year they made them by the stream. jAnd her she is IN the stream. And S9 and Q9 in line for something ... oh, in the maze in the woods!

2015-05-02 12.54.21 2015-05-02 12.12.18 2015-05-02 13.11.18