Sunday, April 6, 2014

Piano Recital

Ah, piano recitals.

No commentary lest I give away how I really feel about spending 2 hours listening to piano.

Here they are.

Q7's Bach piece (all that paper shuffling you hear? C9, I believe!)

Q7's 2nd piece, Riding the Wind

C9's Bach piece

And C9 playing Allegreto

Sunday, March 30, 2014

4th annual talent show

We were surprised when C9 said she wasn't going to do the talent show this year. And we were just as surprised to find out the Q7 WAS going to do the talent show. So, at least there was representation from the family. Thank goodness.

Initially C7 and H8 were going to bring Lucy in and have Lucy Dog do tricks. It would have been fun. Except that bringing the dog into the school resulted in a shaky-freaked out dog who wouldn't perform. So, that idea was scrapped.

Luckily, another friend, J7 had an idea, so H8, J7, and Q7 decided to sing "Cloud 9."

Now, the day of the talent show H8 got sick in the classroom (threw up before the poetry slam! Had to leave before the pioneer lunch was over), and although she valiantly tried to come to the talent show to participate, she could not. So, the amazing S7 stepped in. S7 was doing her own act later in the show, and had basically memorized Q, J, and H's act. Awesome. She was a superstar.

Unlike a lot of the youngsters singing in the talent show, they didn't lip sync, they didn't have a singer behind them, they didn't even have music. They weren't scared at all. In fact, their a capella version of "Cloud 9" was great. Says I, the mom.

Here they are ... Snow Globe III!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poetry Slam

Wednesday night Q7 was all aflutter. There were 3 big things happening in school the next day, one of which was the poetry slam in her classroom. Q7's teacher is innovative and awesome, and has them all doing interesting and great things; I've become more and more impressed with her over the year.

Q7 invited C44 to go to the poetry slam, but he wasn't able to. He mentioned it to me (the uninvited) and I decided I could make it, and I am so glad I did; it was fantastic. All of the kids got up to recite, no matter their comfort level. There was one boy who was reciting a poem in English for the first time. He's very new to the classroom. The rest of the kids wrote their own poems and either read them or recited them from memory. A few wrote two. I heard a lot of poems about minecraft from the boys. One about pizza. One about a lovely little sister. One about a dolphin. One about a cousin.

The variety was great. Q's were awesome, and she is a ham. Right after I cut off the camera she was cracking jokes about how long it was taking for the next girl to get up to take the microphone. No stage fright there.

Monday, March 3, 2014

More snow! March snowstorm! Lucy Dog loves it.

Awesome snowflakes, too.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snowing Again!

It is snowing again today. After a February full of snow (for the DC area, anyway, the foot of snow we've received thus far is quite a bit. I think the average is about 5 inches) We've used up our snow days for school, and gone over. Which is fine by me, I like snow days.  And the kids like them too.

These are pictures from the Valentine's Day snow ...

Q7 with Lucy:

C9 with her snow dog:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday month

Like you, we are busy with December. Baking. Decorating. Delivering. Creating. Shopping. Mailing. Visiting. Packing. But we have had time for a few fun things.

Early in December, we drove up to Frederick and took the Walkersville Southern Railroad Santa Train ... a cute, old fashioned train. Santa was on the train and came and met everybody (which was a thrill for a lot of the really little kids).

This photo of C9 on the train reminds me of Grandma Lu:

Then we hit downtown Frederick for lunch as a great restaurant and some antique store looking for small tables with two shelves ... didn't find one. But we all had fun looking.

And this past weekend we made gingerbread houses. Of course, it is a many-day'd affair. Make the dough (two separate days), make the templates (one day), bake the pieces (one day) and then put them together and decorate (one day).

I don't have to always make new templates, but of course I lose pieces, and the kids have different ideas about what they want to decorate. This year C9 wanted a book. The ideas I came up with (that I thought I could construct) and the ideas she came up with (and thought I could construct) were in two different universes. So we moved onto a forest. This is hers, with her friend G10, who came over to help decorate.

I loved it, it looked really cool, especially before the candy was on it!

Q7 first wanted the castle we had made for her two years ago, but then decided a tower would be OK. So I started to make a tower and the first piece I made looked like a lighthouse. So lighthouse it was. And we pulled out Trouble at the Nubble of course, as our reminder of our trip to York Beach, Maine. So crooked lighthouse it was. Is. The thing isn't eaten yet. Both are going into classroooms.

Mine was just a house. But I did some new trees. LOVE them!!! I tried to make it more gingerbready than candy-ish for the adults at Christmas Eve. Still plenty of candy. And, yes, the shingles are on upside down! I went top down instead of bottom up!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter activities

When they don't want to take the dog outside in the cold (who does?) this is what they do: