Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last night was the winter concert. Beginning and 2nd year band, beginning and 2nd year orchestra, and the chorus. The chorus is why we were there, and why there have been near constant 7 am practices! 7 am. That means Q8 & C45 had to leave the house at 6:45 am to walk there. Then C45 would walk back and pick C10 up and walk back to school.  Lucky Lucy, she got two walks on those mornings.

The whole thing was an almost disaster for us. Q8 didn't want to wear her uniform (but was going to bring it). Then she didn't want to go at all. We had a talk (called, me yelping "you are GOING because you said you would and you can't let them DOWN!" and "if you want to disrespect the whole group by not wearing your uniform you can do that but if they don't let you sing we are going home and don't get to stay for ANY of it"

So Q8 put on her uniform (crying) and went to the show (crying, but stopped by the time we got there) and performed admirably. Ran to the car after it was over, where the crying recommenced.

And you can see it in her body language. She didn't want to be there, but she did loosen up a bit by the end. I didn't tape Felize Navidad (there was an arm in my way) but she started doing some bouncing and gesturing. Which was nice.

Three Little Birds they sang in October; here it is again. It just looks sideways. It plays upright.

Jingle Bell Rock

Winter Wonderland

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Same place, new date. Pictures! You might wonder why we must all have hair in our faces all the time. Even me. I don't know.

Bunny ears
2014-12-07 13.52.40

Close up shots
2014-12-07 14.09.29  2014-12-07 14.17.08

All of us.
2014-12-07 14.48.02

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Gingerbread Houses

I made gingerbread dough a while ago. We've made cookies, we've eaten dough, and today we made teeny tiny houses. Just for fun. Q8 & K8 needed something to do. And after we did this K8 said this was the BEST SLEEPOVER EVER. Even though there had been no sleeping and it was 3:30 in the afternoon.

2014-11-22 14.46.10

They rolled out and cut out the dough. They made a HUGE mess. Hands in the flour, flour everywhere. But the pieces were baked and put together.

2014-11-22 15.46.56

I started to decorate the Eiffel Tower, but C10 returned from her cybersecurity activity at UMD and finished decorating the Eiffel Tower, and Q8 & K8 made identical houses.

2014-11-22 16.13.06 2014-11-22 16.13.49

And here are the finished products!
2014-11-22 17.21.48

All the girls got sugar crazy. I mean sugar CRAZY.  So after they were done we took out the bikes and hit the park for a spin. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mini tiny hike

Thursday it stopped raining and the sun came out and we took the dog to Buddy Attick Park in Greenbelt Park, about a mile and a quarter hike. We went a few years ago ... when Q was maybe 3 or 4? I don't exactly remember, I just remember we went with K and H as well, and we never got around the first turn of the very small lake.

But Thursday we did. And C10 was all about us getting photos of her. We brought G9 with us,  her mom F, and Lucy dog. It was a great walk, just what we needed.

2014-11-20 15.30.48 2014-11-20 15.41.37

2014-11-20 15.42.152014-11-20 15.43.14

Good friends:
2014-11-20 15.43.37

And here are the realistic photos:

Q8 & C10 fighting as G9 looks on with a little trepidation.
2014-11-20 15.41.46

Crazy girls:
2014-11-20 15.44.20

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Piano recital

SO, I wasn't there, but C10 did fine.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What we've been doing

The real answer to that is not much. But we made peanut butter butter cookies. C10 took charge of the beaters.

2014-11-02 11.21.05

They were unholy sweet. But they were the first peanut butter cookies I'd ever made, and made better by being peanut butter butter cookies, right? Delicious.

2014-11-02 12.28.39

We went shopping to get C10 a new winter coat, which I don't have a photo of. But Q8 got some accessories at the same time.

2014-11-05 07.04.11

That is more than enough purple, I think. But pretty darn cute.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween, of course

We tend to be pretty casual about Halloween. I'm probably not going to make something elaborate or spend a lot of money on Halloween, but I'm willing to help them out as needed. It seems as though their best costumes have been made from things we've already had.

C10 didn't plan particularly well this year, and kept saying she'd be somebody from a book she'd written. When asked who exactly she refused to commit, and instead said she'd tell everybody a different character if they asked. So she threw on a cape, grabbed a basket and lined it with fabric and was who she was, which is what she does best.

C45 decided to be an grumpy old man sitting on the porch drinking beer. He did that well. And he handed out some special treats to friends. 

I don't usually dress up, and I didn't again, but I did put on some tattoos.

2014-10-31 17.11.11 2014-10-31 18.08.05

Way back in September Q8 decided to be a Zombie Pop Star with her friend K8. Which was a cool idea. But after a few weeks Q got a little stressed because her best friend H8 wanted her to be something else and we had to discuss how she could be what SHE wanted and didn't have to do everything that H8 did. I wasn't sure if that would help -- H8 is a huge influence in her life -- but obviously worth emphasizing that she needs to make her own decisions. And it sunk in, I guess, because after she read the Pippi Longstocking books again in October Q8 got the even more awesome idea to be Pippi Longstocking! Most excellent costume ever.

We borrowed a red dress and I loosely sewed on some patches. We borrowed a stuffed monkey to be Mr. Nilsson. I forgot about her moneybags & the horse she lifted over her head, but that would have been too much to carry with a candy bag, too. 

All I had to do was buy some orange hair spray. Of course I decided to go Thursday after one o'clock to the party store. Lunchtime the day before Halloween. So the line was outrageously long. LUCKILY I saw somebody I work with at the cash register and he and his friend took my hairspray and my $5 and I was able to avoid the 20 minute wait.

After getting home from school on Friday Q8 could not WAIT to get dressed up. 

And she spent the afternoon as Pippi. I barely recognize her.

2014-10-31 13.08.40-2

Trick or Treating ensued around 7:00, we hit the main drag, visited with friends, went to a party, then crashed in costume. Multiple people asked if they could take Q8's picture. Her costume that we spent $2.99 on (hairspray) was a total hit. I think because people remember reading and loving the books and the character is larger than life and memorable. One person was taking pictures for the local paper, so I'm hoping she makes it in.

 We took H8 home with us because I didn't want to walk her back to her house. Plus, a sleepover is always good. Snuggling on the same pillow ...

2014-10-31 22.55.15

The next morning all candy was counted and the loot was good.

2014-11-01 08.53.40