Sunday, January 1, 2017

Botanic Gardens

Every year I want to go to the Christmas Train exhibit at the US Botanic Gardens in DC. I love the Botanic Gardens a lot on regular days; it is even better at Christmas. They have a Christmas display of trains that go around an exhibit made of plant materials. This year the exhibit was National Parks and historic sites. Loved it.

The wait is long. We waited probably almost an hour? I'm not sure. It was certainly not bad, though, with big kids.  Neither C12 nor Q10 wanted to go, but I really did. I've been trying to get motivated to go all December, and I FINALLY did it. And we took the Fiat, so parking was EASY. Thanks, TCR.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A little bit of snow

First snow of the Hyattsville season ...
The girls got VERY excited and ran outside without shoes and coats on, only to return for shoes and coats and a dog ...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas proper we went to Massachusetts for a visit. I begged and MeMe let us bring Lucy. She managed the car ride, despite the stress for her. The car got a little doggy smelling, but that was all. 

Christmas Eve and Meme's house, Christmas morning with EVERYBODY at Meme's house, then to visit Pep's brother's family in Leominster and then Meme's sister and family in Westminster.

A few Christmas Eve photos.


Including ... a 4 cousins photo ... here is the most recent iteration of the hammock photo. 

Back home in Hyattsville I couldn't get a non-red eye on Q10 .... that girl looks like she has crazy eyes. New socks and hats, both of which I want to steal from them.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gingerbreading, 2016

Gingerbreading, we did it earlier this year and I just let the kids eat their houses. C12 asked for a Tardis, which was fairly easy to make. Although she looked at it and went ... that's smaller than I thought it would be (smaller on the outside, perhaps??). She made a Dalek, an old-fashioned Cyberman, "Cassandra," a weeping angel, and a Zygon. And then stuffed the Tardis with candy.

M12, C12's best friend, wanted the Tardis console. She tried to console me with the fact that she wanted the console from a certain season, but it didn't really, because creating a hexagonal anything is difficult. Hence, this:

To be fair, it was bigger than the Tardis, so  ... that was good.

Q10 wanted ... a giant gingerbread man and then she changed her mind and asked for a tree. We've done the tree before, but it still looks good. And easy to break off bits of the gingerbread to eat. TCR got a lot of that one, I think.

A9, M12's sister, asked for a house, and so did I. So here they are:

My girls just ate their houses within a week, and the other girls brought their "houses" home. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Honors. All As. So, they had an assembly for the kids who got honors. Here she is!

This first photo is C12 getting a regular honors, with a handshake from the principal.

This next series is the principal announcing the awards. C12 got hers and forgot to shake hands, so Mr. T had to call her back. I missed when she actually did the handshaking, but she practically leaped off the stage, and Mr. T was laughing at her.

 Anyway, this was a good semester for her because she didn't have PE, which was her only B last year.

Onward to term 2!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ice Skating

Q10 asked if she could go skating. I took her and a friend, they had a blast, skating for the whole 2 hours, practically non-stop! I was so done by the time they were ready to go.


Although K couldn't come down for Thanksgiving her son J11 still wanted to. So he could play touch football. Which he did. And he dominated the game, as you can see, because he is an incredible two-hand-touch football player.

Then the next day: the zoo. Grey Wolf and a Sea Lion.

Q10, J11, C12
 Q10 and me
Clockwise from left!
 C12, TCR, J11, T, and Q10