Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Selfies aimed at Q

Sometimes Q10 sends me a hangout from school, we chitchat, and sometimes I send a selfies back. Here's a collection of some recent ones so we don't forget what I looked like fall of 2016.

Me sending her a kiss:

2016-08-24 19.43.03

2016-08-24 19.47.24

Grouch potato, aka, serious mumma telling Q what to do (why aren't you working???):
2016-09-28 18.54.07

Hi Q!!
2016-10-11 09.44.39

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chocolate factory

Ninoo & Papa came up for a visit for a few days, and one of the things we did was visit a chocolate factory, at C12's request.

I don't think it was as much fun as C12 thought it would be, mostly because they appeared to focus on dark chocolate. Which was delicious. But not milk chocolate, and when you want milk chocolate, dark chocolate won't do.

But, look, we call got to wear hair nets, and C47 got to wear a BEARD NET. Don't worry, TCR wasn't alone; there were at least 2 other men on our tour with beard nets on.

You can see C12 in the background.

2016-10-15 13.30.48-1

And Q10 making a funny face.

2016-10-15 13.31.01

Me, I'm nowhere to be found.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Social Security

Q10 took part in an ad:

Somebody at our pool had posted a message looking for kids to participate in an ad (they were paid in Oreos and other junk food). So I signed her up, she was game, and asked that TCR go with her earlier this month.

She enjoyed it and did a great job!!

They must have just aired it, b/c they sent us the YouTube link this morning.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Zombie Run

The HES PTA sponsored the first annual, wildly successful (420+ runners) 5k, 1K, and family fun run on October 1. My feeties, TCR47's kneesies, and C12's general preferences precluded us from running. TCR47 volunteered as a course marshall, I volunteered our house/yard for the volunteer party, and C12 enjoyed a book, instead.

But, Q10 decided to run the 5K. She later told me she walked most of it, but who cares. Here she is representing our family:

2016-10-01 10.18.47

2016-10-01 10.18.49

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rehobeth Beach

I took my birthday weekend with K46 in Rehobeth, Delaware. LOVED that beach! The water was warm in late September, the parking was free, and the beaches were NOT crowded.

And LOOK at that kite!! COW.

2016-09-24 13.47.42

We got to walk on the beach quite a bit. These birds were cute!

2016-09-25 09.51.23

Running away from the surf:

2016-09-25 13.50.10

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Camping Birthday Weekend

We decided to go cabin camping over labor day weekend. By the time that weekend rolled around TCR47 & I were NOT looking forward to it. But we ended up going and had a fun time.

Since it was C's birthday weekend, we let her bring a friend (and Q10 had a friend going; we went with 3 other families, one of those families included Q's good friend P10).

2016-09-03 15.50.36

M12 brought a BOATLOAD of junkfood, shared by all of the kids, opened and dug into during the short 45  minute car ride there. C11/12 brought her computer and they spent much of the trip with one other child at the free wi-fi spot watching Dr. Who. Whatever. They were OUTSIDE watching Dr. Who.

I don't know what they were eating here, but it was JUNK.
2016-09-04 15.51.09

We brought a Fuji Apple cake with cream cheese frosting for C12's birthday.

2016-09-04 19.27.34

2016-09-04 19.27.36

2016-09-04 19.27.39

2016-09-04 19.27.41

We went to a water park, C12 & M12 did kayaks with TCR, Q spent a boatload of time on a hammock. Fires, food, friends, fun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Day of 7th Grade!

C11, first day of 7th grade! Lucy went with her ...

2016-08-23 07.31.05-1

2016-08-23 07.32.04