Sunday, June 5, 2016

Harp. Harpity Harp Harp.

Q10 took up the harp last summer. I bought her a harp last summer. And she had her first harp recital on June 4th.

She is really very good! Crazy good! I love that she plays the harp!!!


Isn't she good?? And the recital was only 30 minutes long. One harp, one trumpt, one guitar, and two piano players. The variety kept us from being bored.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

School Awards

OK, I actually have no idea when this happened. Some Friday or Wednesday, because I was telecommuting.


C11 got the award for highest language arts GPA. She's a darling. Love her. And that is the HATED science teacher who encouraged her to cheat on a standardized exam. I can't believe she isn't fired yet.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

fairy houses

C11 makes these amazing fairy people out of flowers and garden ... clippings, I guess.

This is her fairy house in front of our house, with the ladies and their clothes. This was all earlier in May, before the endless rain started, I think. Because now I'm sure they are ruined with 16 straight days of rain, and then one day off, and another 8 days of rain since then. Gah.


Details. Azalea flower skirts.


and these. Look at that hair made out of flower petals.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Random family photos

Just so we don't forget.

Unfortunate family photos:

Birthday lounging:

Sisterly affection (once in a blue moon?):

Oh, and I found this. I like the photo, it looks like the computer took it.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Youth Environmental Converence

This was great. Q10 and S9 submitted an application to be keynote speakers at this youth environmental conference. They GOT it. They host a weekly "trash talk" show on the HES morning announcements that they started because of all the trash on the playground.

They were good. We got there early, so at first they were upset, thinking they'd be presenting in front of HES students only (25 kids). Nope. It was more like 300-400 kids. They are FEARLESS.

Waiting to present:
IMAG2642 IMAG2644

Their presentation (on YouTube)

Q10 has had a busy spring.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fairy Festival

For the last few years we've gone to the fairy festival at Spotswood Farm in Pennsylvania with J, M, and S. For a festival, this one is pretty good. It is calmer than the RenFair, and probably a bit more interesting than the sheep and wool festival. More to do, less to have to buy.

And you can wear fairy wings all year. Yes, it is a fairy festival, but there are people in all sorts of costumes. Or not. All good.

We do some of the same things every year. Like ...

Face painting. C11 never does this. But S10 and Q10 did.

Pouting S10.

Ice cream.

Making fairy houses:

And new for this year, meeting Alexander Hamilton ... oops, C11 tells me this is LuLu.

Thanks to C11 for her photos!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Lion King Experience (school play)

Q10 joined the school play and got the role of Zazu, the king's advisor. She has an incredible sense of comedic timing.

Here she is before the show in her costume. She designed it herself:


I do not have an incredible sense of when I need to start taking video. I missed much of her action. But she was fantastic.

Here are the bits I DO have. I might update with more photos later TCR did a nice job of catching stills.