Tuesday, December 12, 2017


C13 told me some time ago that December 12 was National Gingerbread House Day. That was cool with me, I took the day off to do gingerbread making and baking. Q11 was a little upset because why in the world were we going to do gingerbread house making on a WEEKNIGHT. She had a HARP lesson, too.

Both good points, but the National Gingerbread House Day won out. I made two big houses. C13 decorated one to go to Im. down the street because she's going into the hospital later this week.  We forgot to take a picture of that one. And I also made three small houses, each unique.

The house on the left was made by Q11, the next was mine, you can tell because of all of the flowers. I have a thing for the flowers, the tall one Q11, and the short, squat one C13 decorated. I wante to do that one, too. Maybe I'll make another one like that next year. Fun fun!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Advent II

After forgetting to hang up cookies two days in a row, I decided to hang them all up like C13 wanted anyway.

I wasn't sure how I'd do it, but I managed. I tied them all to strong and counted down. Each girl has their numbers on their side of the table.

This is just a gratuitous picture of Q11 in her coat. I took the photo to show the person who gave us the coat, but then TCR did this as Q11 tried to take a casual photo. Ha!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


This year I thought I'd do an advent calendar for the girls. One cookie a day for 24 days. Today was day 3. I made cookies 1-24 for each girl, some numbers are replaced by Christmas cookie shapes. But today was day 3. They are getting hung in the dining room each night for the AM consumption.

Friday, November 24, 2017

50 years, Ninoo & Papa, or, the day after Thanksgiving

First, we visited Old Hardhide after breakfasting in Ponchatoula, LA. The strawberry capital of the world. Quote from ... C13 ... very good question indeed.

"Why would Ninoo & Papa live in Hammond when Ponchatoula is the strawberry capital, has a chocolate factory, beignets, and a town alligator?"

That question is clearly unanswerable.

Anyway, Ninoo & Papa also celebrated their 50th anniversary in September, just like MeMe and Pep did. However, we weren't in Louisiana for that, so we didn't get to celebrate with them. We went to dinner, and TCR had ordered a wedding cake at Big A's suggestion. C13 and Q11 presented their gifts.

C13 drew her vision of one of Ninoo & Papa's wedding photos. I love it. We put it in a frame that WE got for our wedding from Alice and Jason, our old landlords, but had never used. And we brought it on down.

Q11 made 50 cookies, 10 of 5 sizes, and she numbered them 1-50, starting with the smallest -- no, actually starting with an engagement ring, then the smallest hearts, up trough 50 to the biggest heart.


Are inside here:

And TCR & Big A got them a wedding cake:

We took photos, and everybody has red-eye. Oh well!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


This year, despite my reluctance to travel on Thankgiving, the the general Thanksgiving travel ban we put in place a few years ago, we traveled to New Orleans. Of course it was wonderful, and it was nice to see family and celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones.

Our flight time OUT of DC changed from early evening, to middle evening, to finally late evening, so we didn't get to Hammond until after midnight ... so I guess very early on Thanksgiving day?

Thanksgiving day was cool, but warmed up throughout the day. We went across the lake to Mississippi and Bay St. Louis. Q11 was coughing, and had a fever, but somebody noticed and gave her Tylenol. Within 30 minutes she was fine and when we were offered a boatride (It has warmed up some by the end of the day) she was game. I got the four cousins to sit together and got about 20 horrible photos of them. This is my favorite.

Most people don't immediately tag C13 as a speed lover, or thrill chaser, but she sat at the front of the boat encouraging speed. This is before we were going fast, back in the bayou.

Out on the Bay St. Louis and out on the Gulf (we JUSSSSST snuck out far enough into the Gulf to say we were in the Gulf) we went faster, and C13 and Q11 loved it.

It was a lovely day!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Halloween was chilly, but Q11 went as Tinkerbell. She looks so big here!!! And then both of us. I did NOT go as Poison Ivy at her request, although I did walk around with her and her friend K11 and K's mom, E.

 C13 and her best friend M13 were weeping angels from Dr. Who. Scariest creatures ever! They took a lot of time to make these wings (then M13's dad framed them up and her mom crafted a harness to attach them to their bodies), and they found grey sheets, and voila, weeping angels!

They got a TON of candy, all of them (still eating it in December ....)

Friday, October 13, 2017

This wasn't expected

Lucy was hanging outside of her room, looking at her room, acting a little weird.

It turns out she was looking at this:

I don't know.