Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What phase is the moon in?

Today was a fundraiser at a local restaurant, Franklins, for C4's and Q2's school. I had originally planned to take them at lunch before I went to work. Then C39 was going to take them at dinner instead. And then C39 was going away, and it was back to me. But then I had to work, and my babysitter was available through lunch. So, back to dinner. But somebody offered to MAKE me dinner. I can't turn that down. I can't.

So, I decided to take them to Franklins for a mid-afternoon dessert snack and then I'd buy them a toy. They didn't know about the toy. But all of that was derailed at the library.

We went to the library for a quickie visit to drop off books and get more books. All was going well. Until at the checkout counter (lending counter? borrowing counter?) Q2 was hot and told me she wanted to take her pants off.

I convinced Q2 that she should keep her pants on, and told her that nobody wanted to see her hinny. She accepted that answer and moved onto playing with the ropes that guide library patrons through the checkout counter line, through the turnstile and out the door.

But C4 thought it very funny. And hiked her dress, dropped her panties, and shouted "Nobody wants to see your hinny!"


We did NOT get to Franklins.

Monday, March 30, 2009

What we love about G'ma

Talking with C4 about G'ma she told me what she liked about G'ma

"I liked her peppermints. And I liked playing with her up and down bed. And she was a special lady"

Yes, she was.

Accusations, accusations.

Seven days ago C4 and I planted some seeds, including a small pot of Zinnias that she picked out herself.

C4 asked when the seeds would come up. Per the instructions on the seed packet, I told her 7 to 10 days ... so she ran right up to her calendar and marked day 7 as the day the zinnias would come up, then she put her little pot on her windowsill.

Well, you guessed it. Day 7 rolled around and no zinnias. C4 was quite upset. It was on the calendar, after all. So she accused me of lying.

That night I took the pot and put it under the grow-light we have down cellar for the tomato and herb seedlings. Thankfully, the VERY NEXT DAY the seeds started to emerge. Four the first day, then 4 more the next! Yahoo!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Q2's bad dreams

Q2 occassionally wakes at night with a bad dream. Usually it involves C4 taking something away from her. Paper. A crayon. Donuts. That would make me cry, too. Last night it was some thing about Greta, and then something about an elephant, I think.

When asked about it this morning on the way to the Building Museum, Q2 confirmed it, she does have bad dreams.

C39: "Did you have a bad dream Q2?"
Q2: "Yes! I had a bad dream about a BIIIIG scary lion. She was a mumma lion. And she was in my bed."
C4: "Ooooh. That WAS a bad dream."
Q2: "No, that was a GOOD dream!"

Potty training.

Last night Q2 insisted no diaper at bedtime. Not up for a fight about diapers I acquiesced, thinking that I'd put a diaper on her at 10-11 when I went to bed.

But, when I got in at 11, she was perpendicular to the bed, and I woke her up. So, instead of diapering, I took her to the toilet, like we do for C4.

And she stayed dry all night.

Since we've been promising a dog when both girls were potty trained, when C4 found out that Q2 was dry all night, the talk turned to what SIX dogs we were going to get.

The girls sure are going to be disappointed when they realize they can't get two dogs each, and one for C39 & me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What lies between

A friend from high school once made fun of his sister for hitting driving off the road and hitting a telephone pole with her car, instead of driving into the (admittedly) large spaces between poles.

C4's bed is mostly inaccessible. 7/8 of the bed is either 1) the headboard, 2) the footboard, or 3) against the wall. That leaves 1/8 of the bed open to get in and out of.

So, last night, after checking in on Q at 11:00 I walked to C4's room to check on her. Just outside her room I heard a noise like a toy falling. Wondering what toy it was I went in to get C4 up to take her to the potty. But I found her out of the bed, half down on the floor.

7/8 of the bed is un-fall-outable. Yet C4 fell out of the only 1/8 of the bed that she could.


Q2: I'm a purple lab!
C4: No, you, you're a lavender retreiver!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

About time

Spring. C4 has been counting down the days since she saw that the first day of Spring was labeled on her calendar.

Well, this weekend they really got their first taste of spring. Outside they both stripped down and took off their shirts (then put their dresses back on).

Love this picture:

Here are video clips of them. Nothing much happens. I think they are just happy to be outside.

And then, they wanted dinner outside. So we had carrots, cukes, snappeas all dipped in hummus, cheese and crackers, and then a second course of apples & bananas with peanut butter. Yum!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Visit to the Arboretum

Just more pics brought to you courtesy of C39. They visited the National Arboretum today. Notice that ONE photo of Q2 smiling ... lately she is all sourpuss in front of he camera!





I love these two pictures!!



Not a rude word ... at least in 1900.

C4 has had some ... distinct turns of phrase lately. Ones that don't sound particularly 4-year old. I completely blame L. Frank Baum.

Q2: This [her stuffed animal] is Washoho.
C4: OH! That is a queer name!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Q2 has a crazy rash in an uncomfortable area, and C4 has issues with respecting personal space. So ... just dealing with that!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Greatest Show on Earth has come to town.

So, they had an ELEPHANT PARADE this morning. Whoo hoo!

So, we went down on the train, me, M40, K5, C4, and Q2 (note the St. Patrick's Day hat!)
Waiting for the train

Q2 was a little grouchy while we were waiting for the elephants, but amazingly C4, dog-lover, never fussed going to see elephants, not dogs.
Waiting for ellies

Still waiting ... K5 counting to 120 (because the handlers said 2 minutes for the elephants) and C4 ... just twirling like nobody's business.

Then the elephants came ...
Walking out

... and STOPPED RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! Q2, elephant lover, was less happy about this event than the other two. I had to hold her the whole time.

The elephants lifted legs, raised flags, and waved.

And then one pooped. But really great! they were just 15 feet from us. Perfect placement. Look, even C4 has a smile on her face.

The elephants walked out and then ... here come the horses! the clowns! and C4 got a high-5 from a clown. What?? And no crying over the fact that a clown (and not a dog) gave her a high-5! What is wrong with this world??

And then it was over.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not a game

Q2: Mumma, mumma, mumma! May I have some soymilk in a sippy cup, please?
E38: Yes, Q2, you may. Hold on just a minute please.
Q2: Mumma, may I have some soymilk, please!
E38: Yes, Q2. You'll have to be patient until I finish this. Can you be patient?
Q2: Yes, I can be patient. But I need the soymilk right now!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

damn good luck.

C39 was telling me today that during lunch prep he and C4 had done some math. And to show off her skills he asked her what 6+2 was.

But before C4 could answer Q2 piped up: "8!"

So C39 asked another question, what was 2+3? "5!"

Jaws dropped, and he asked another, 4+3? "7!"

We were stunned. Astounded. Amazed. C4 is our reading genius, but clearly we had a little math whiz here.

Until a little later we asked some more math questions ... and all Q2 would say was 8.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Park

Well, not the park that we have officially named "New Park" but the park we normally call "Hidden Park" which isn't to be confused with the neighborhood that everybody calls the hidden park, even though its official name is "Dietz Park" (sheez).

Anyway, OUR hidden park is behind a row of houses on the south and on the north, a ditch and a levy. It has in the past been a favorite of C4 and Q2, but I didn't like it much because the equipment was old and dull. But on my way home with Q2 the other day, I noticed (from the other side of the levy) new equipment!

Not that you'll see any of that new equipment here. I'm having video issues. But here is some old equipment & 2 cuties!

At the park

At the park

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Her hair was getting unruly to match her attitude. So this morning Q2 agreed to a haircut.



Doesn't she look adorable?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Q2 is going through another wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-stay-awake-for-3-hours thing over the last few nights.

Arg! The latest one included talking, holding hands, music, music trauma, monsters, cuddling, a bathroom visit, a diaper change, and a visit to our bed.

After most of the above, Q2 was in our bed for about 30 minutes last night and then calmly walked herself back to bed. I had to go in a bit later to give her some stuffed animals who could protect her from monsters, and she was fine for a bit. But after C39 went to work she was up again and I put her next to me in bed and she slept there til 8 am.

Q2 in bed

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hop hop hop

I made Q2 some bunny ears & mittens ... She said she wanted them, but I'm a fool and I believed her. Whatever, it was one more thing to practice sewing!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trip to the zoo

We knew it was going to be such a beautiful day ... we got our act together early and headed to the national zoo. FUN, right?

Well, ultimately, yes, but we started with a temper tantrum from C4 because 1) she didn't want us to put on of C39's business cards in her purse in case she put it down and didn't pick it up and 2) we wanted to see animals.

Q2, however, was THRILLED to be there. She started right on into the zoo. While C4 was tantruming (and this wasn't helped by the multitude of truck driving around on the sidewalks ... it was early, animals getting fed, food stands getting set up, so vehicles were around and freaking C4 out) Q2 ran up the hill with C39.

Finally, C4 calmed down and decided to walk up after them ... and to see the PRAIRE DOGS!

Praire Dog

C4 took a lot of pictures there with her own camera. Then we headed up a little further to where C39 & Q2 were ... at the TURTLES!


Tons of turtles were out sunning on logs, lots swimming, etc. Q2 & C4 must have spent 15 minutes looking at turtles, and even C4 had fun looking at them.

The girls really wanted to head back down the hill, but we managed to convince them to go up to get there ... and we readed the open small mammel house. The joy surrounding this statue was infectious!

Anteater Joy

Then we went in. I personally don't like going in the houses much, because they generally smell. The small mammel house isn't overwhelmingly disgusting (like the primate house is!) but it is whiffy. Apparently Q2 has the same feeling as I do. She spent the whole time in the small mammel house like this:

My Nose Smells

But she managed to get through the small mammels without much of a problem. Every so often if we lingered anywhere too long she'd start to cry because of the smell, but then we'd move on and be OK.

We spent a lot of time with the naked mole rats, which I usually don't like, they are hairless rodents after all, but today they were being fed just as we got there, and it was really fun to watch them (and their hairy cousins just above them) grabbing food and moving around. Watch the creatures in the upper left corner of the video ... they just climb all over each other! What C4 says in that crazy voice(Shearing what she thinks one of the rodents is saying) is "Mine, mine, this is mine!"

Once we left there we mad it as far up as the elephants ... and had to have a break and a snack. That hill was big!

Family photo


We checked out the pandas (out of view) and walked a bit, and took a rest on top of a rock. Something freaked Q2 out, I'm not sure what, but C4 was very big sisterish:

More Q ScaredQ scared C helpingQ scared again

and finally we got them to smile:
Double smiles Faces

Then we finally walked down the hill all the way down to the farm and the play pizza, which is what they'd really wanted all along.

They would have spent more time at the play pizza but C4 put her hand out to a stranger and he gave her a pretzel. We reprimanded her, told her not to take food, then she found another on the ground and ate it. So, we moved onto the farm & cows & then lunch/snack.

After lunch snack we returned to the farm to pet the bunnies

Petting the Bunny

and finally headed home:
Going home

C4 insists she didn't have a good time. But 3 hours and a bunny later I can't say I believe her.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do you recognize this hat?

That's my hat. My hat that my sister made me. My hat that my sister made me that my husband is wearing to bed.

But I guess I can forgive him because this picture is so silly.

My hat

Friday, March 6, 2009

New verse

I know this blog has been C4 heavy lately. But, she's doing the good stuff. Q2 is pushing her sister down the stairs, having tantrums, and being cute. I think Q2 is getting ready for a growth spurt, because she is getting chubby (or ... chubbier). Her little double chin is back. When she can C4 have breakfast, C4 eats about 3/4 of a bowl of cereal, and Q2 asks for seconds. So I'm hoping for breakthroughs soon.

In the meantime, here's another C4 video. I asked her not to wave her hands around because as you can see it distracts her and she forgets the song!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phone calls

Today, C4 made 4 phone calls before she found somebody to come over. Gosh, she just kept striking out. Z4 already had a playmate over. N4's answering machine picked up. I nixed J4 just because. C5 had a French lesson. T4's phone went straight to voicemail. E3 initially said yes, then his dad said no, then his dad called back and said what they hey, we'll come over.

E3, you say? Who is that? A friend from school. C4 liked him enough to think of him 6th (eh) and then to ask if he could come over tomorrow again, too!

Considering they played together absolutely not at all while he was here, I was surprised. But apparently they had a good time!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last year, if you recall, C4 gave up cashews for Lent. Considering she doesn't really like nuts it wasn't such a hardship.

Yesterday she told me she was giving up BRIE for Lent this year. Considering how much she loves brie ... well, this really is a sacrifice.

She also tried to convince Q2 to give up orange juice for Lent, but Q2 said "naw."

March 1, 2009 C4

Jumping rope

You can tell I'm not at home, now, can't you?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 syllables


Yes, my daughter sounded that word out all by herself. And it took about ... 4 seconds. I'm impressed.


C4 had been toting a silver framed photo set of C39 and me ... I thought she just liked us and missed us.

But if you look at this picture you'll see her real love. Sled dogs. See the sled? The silver framed photos of C39 & me.
Sled dogs

Snow Buddies fueled it, The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto is keeping it going, and, well, I guess the snow encouraged this sled dog obsession.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Finally, a snow day

We started the day off by going sledding. Q2 & C4 loved loved loved the sledding!

Then we walked around the neighborhood and sledded some more with H5, K2, and some older kids. Eventually, my children got tired and cold and (dare I say it?) cranky. Both cried and cried the whole way home. C4 wanted to be dragged in the sled, but she was too heavy, and I was worried I'd pull the sled handle off. Q2 absolutely positively did NOT want to be dragged in the sled, and whenever I put her on it she screamed and rolled off. But we made it, finally. Here is C4 in our backyard showing off her best behavior (she wanted to go in through the front door and I refused).

But they had a hot tub & some hotchocolate and all was fine.

Hot chocolate