Saturday, March 31, 2012

Assateague and Chincoteague Day 1 Part 2

The boat ride.

C42 organized a boat trip around the islands to see the ponies from the water. It was early, so they warned us to dress warmly. I was wearing two sweaters, a hat, gloves, and a coat and they offered me another coat on top of that. Which I put on, and it made me look like a little head on a very big body.

Cold on boat 2012-03-30 15.35.00

Q5 and C7 driving the boat
Q5 driving boat 2012-03-30 16.30.49 C7 Driving the boat 1. 2012-03-30 16.31.04

C7 driving the boat

We actually did see a lot of ponies, but they were very far away, so I'll leave pony pictures until later.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Assateague and Chincoteague Day 1 Part 1

We decided to spend a bit of our spring break on Assateague and Chincoteauge in Virginia. Q5, being a girl's girl, has a thing for horses, and C7 has read Misty of Chincoteague, and Q5 has read a condensed version of the same story. What really can go wrong with wild ponies? Besides getting bit and kicked which we successfully avoided. And had we actually tried to get near one Q5 "The Cautious" probably would have screamed bloody murder to get us away from the ponies. One of the restrooms had pictures of pony bites, and she took the warning to heart.

First, so I get this straight: Both Assateauge and Chincoteague are islands, but we stayed on Chincoteague, the town and island. Assateague is the barrier island and national seashore, stretching along the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia.

We left Hyattsville Friday morning and arrived after multiple stops (bagels, park, gas, donuts, coffee) and arrived at Wallops Island, where there is a Nasa Flight Facility, around 11:00 or 11:30. Q5 was having a bit of a mood, but she shaped up and in we went to the museum. The museum was really a great museum. I expected little, and got a lot. Hands on, interesting stuff. Entertaining for all of us.

Q5 astronaut 2012-03-30 12.25.48

One thing that stuck with Q5 were the test flight monkeys, Sam and Miss Sam. Q5 liked them but was worried for them, thinking they might have been scared and sad going up in the Little Joe, the rocket.

We eventually left because we were all hungry, and checked into our hotel, the Hampton Inn and Suites. When we arrived the girls smelled chlorine, and ran around searching for the pool, much to the amusement (or feigned amusement) of the staff. Actually, the staff never seemed annoyed at us. Pool found, luggage left in room, we headed out to lunch at the SeaStar.

At the seastar

This, to me, was our best food out on the islands. That, plus Q5's outfit was stunning.

Next up: Boat trip.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yo Yo

C42 brought home a yo yo the other day, and it has brought some entertainment to our lives. At least once or twice a day the girls get on a chair to try to yo yo (if they don't stand on the chair the yo yo hits the ground).

Here are some of the latest attempts.

Yes, she did hit the ceiling with that last one! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


In school recently C7's class was asked to write out whether they'd rather be famous or live forever, and why. Many of the children chose famous so they'd have a lot of money.

C7 also chose famous, but her explanation was so she wouldn't be alive when the polar ice caps melted. I asked her why and she said that on the first day of Green Team (a TAG thing) one of the teachers said that when the polar ice caps melt the world will flood. That was enough to make her decide to not live forever.

I'm listening to them talk about it now, and C7 is saying if she were famous she'd give the money to charity. Q5 would like to live forever and be famous, because if she was famous, and if she had the power of freezing water, (and that was why she was famous) then when the polar ice caps melted she could freeze it back over, and save the polar bears.