Sunday, May 27, 2018

Buying a mattress

We neeeeeeeded a new mattress. We've needed one for a while. So Q12 has been after us to buy a Purple. So we put it on our list. We did the regular mattress stores, and then to a store way down in VIRGINIA to try a Purple Mattress.

Which we liked. I think I liked one other mattress better, but this was right up there, and TCR could agree on it as well. So we bought it. We are now the proud owner of a Purple Mattress, a Purple Seat Cushion (free, with purchase!), Purple Sheets (in white! That I haven't taken out of the box yet!) a Purple Mattress Frame (not free, but it holds the mattress!), and a Purple Pillow (way too expensive but I loved it in the store and am less enthused about now. It weighs TEN (10!!) pounds. It doesn't leave the bed.)

Anyway, the point of that exciting monologue was to introduce the fact that on the way home we stopped by the big ferris wheel at the National Harbor.

Q12 was happy and then quite anxious on the ferris wheel whenever TCR or I moved. Now, she was fine moving back and forth and standing up and taking selfies, but not when I'd shift my seat to get more comfortable. I won't show the angry "STOP MOVING!" face. Or all the selfies. Just the happy face.

 And we saw the Peeps car! And the Ben & Jerry's Trailer.

And now, we are sleeping better. Not just because our bellies are full of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, We are laying on a lovely, cool Purple Mattress.