Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus day weekend

In Maryland, we don't get Columbus Day off, although the federal govenment takes it as a holiday, thus a lot of parents have the day off without their children being home from school!

That's not what I'm writing about though, but I am pleased for all those federal workers who were able to have a child-free day. Cheers to you!

What I did want to mention was that M & M46 & K11 & A16 visited. K11 had requested that we go to the National Holocaust Museum. Big request. Easy to accomplish, especially since September through February tickets are not needed. So Saturday we headed downtown early-ish to get to the museum and in before lines.

.... But we were thwarted. The Million Man March 20th anniversary march was on. So, as we were nearing downtown the number of people, police, and filled parking spots increased. So we took a hard turn West and headed to the Zoo, at A16's request.

We spent a long time there. We never saw the panda bears or the panda baby, although we did try. We did see elephants, tigers, prairie dogs. We saw wolves, seals, and sea lions. The otters could not be found anywhere. C46, K11, C11, and Q9 went on the carousel. Dippin Dots were had.  Um. We hit a lot of gift shops, we don't usually do that, but A16 was looking for something for her sister. Eventually we were all tired and hungry, and we went home. I don't know why the picture of C46 is acting wacky. But if you click on it you can see him and his seahorse ride.

2015-10-10 16.15.442015-10-10 16.14.13
2015-10-10 16.14.02 2015-10-10 16.16.13

So, Sunday we tried again. National Holocaust Museum opens at 10, we got there shortly thereafter, and the line was virtually nonexistent, and we breezed in. After spending about 15 minutes using the bathroom and losing each other, we finally got into the permanent exhibit. Most of you have probably visited. The exhibit is powerful, sobering, and emotionally exhausting.

In between floors we met up in the hallway overlook and rested for a minute. It was really to wait for our group to catch up to each other, but it was a good moment to catch a breather.

2015-10-11 12.03.23

The girls were happy when we left.
2015-10-11 12.43.35

And then we got outside, and at least one of our group was a little hangry. T46 helped us navigate the food options and we headed toward the Smithsonian Castle, because it was also right next to the Freer Gallery, to which A16 had requested a visit. After we ate, K11, Q9, C11, M?? and I spent the hour doing nothing outside the castle while C, M46, and A16 went into the Freer to visit the Peacock Room and the Peacock Room Remix.

Let's just say that everybody was happy with their decision to do or not do what they did. K11 did my hair and undid hers (she had a French braid earlier).

2015-10-11 14.33.242015-10-11 14.34.28

After we all reunited we headed to the Sculpture Garden outside the Hirshorn. By now, Q11 was really cranky and wanted to go home, but let me take a photo of her and C11. I told them I'd take pictures and torture them until they pretended to like each other, so we actually got a picture fairly quickly.

2015-10-11 15.01.52

Then we offended Q9 even further by going through Air&Space; I mean, we were right there. We went through the space station, C46 & A16 touched the moon rock, and then we went to the commercial flight exhibit. Then we went home, had birthday cake (M46 & A16 turned into M47 and A17 on the 13th! Happy birthday both!!!!)