Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best book ever

I started reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to C5 tognight. She couldn't get enough. It was lovely. She really enjoyed the first chapter, so I read the second. And she begged for a third, fourth, 30th, ALL THE CHAPTERS! I didn't but I think she might be reading ahead right now.

Possibly as a result of seeing "Spare Oom," while we were reading C5 started telling me how the British people didn't like the letter R. As she told me, they didn't hate it, they didn't LOATHE it, they just strongly disliked it. They didn't like to use it. I asked how she knew this, and she said because another character in another book (she told me, but I can't remember) called sneakers "Plimsolls" ... and that didn't have the letter R in it.

I went in later and she'd read a large part of chapter 3, and told me how Lucy's siblings didn't believe her, and that made her sad. And then Edmund found his way in, but didn't see Lucy there, but met somebody else (she didn't know who, yet). C5 thought maybe you could only go to Narnia once a day through the wardrobe. Could be, my dear. Could be.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Q4's Ponyo Party

It took a while, but Q3 (now Q4) finally settled on a birthday party theme. After running through zebra, princess, Disney Princess™, dog, and several other ideas, Q3 finally latched on to the idea of having a Ponyo party.

Turning to the Internet for various ideas/copyright violations, I got an idea from Happy Birdycake and made some Ponyo puppets to put in little buckets as a party favor. After that was figured out, the rest of it sort of fell into place ... a bit of construction paper, a lot of streamers, construction paper for Ponyo's sisters ... and the requested ice cream cake (non-Ponyo). C40 was tasked with figuring out party games; he managed to find one decent one (jellyfish jump), but M6, G5, and B6 helped think up a few other uses for the hula hoops and giant purple ball, keeping the kids occupied.

The ice-cream cake proved a big hit, not so much for the store-combined layers of vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake, but for the blue icing which had some ... interesting effects.

And so, without further ado, here are the pictures:

Ponyo in bucket at window

Decorated dining room

Wall action

Q4 with blue

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just a day

C40 ordered some music for Q4 (the soundtrack to Les Triplettes de Belleville) and it came on her birthday. Here she is con the couch, wearing a new birthday outfit reading the liner notes.

Q4 with the triplets cover

But then she and C5 wanted to dance:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Q3 is now Q4

Her birthday came and went rather quietly, since I was burnt out from C40 being gone. But we made cupcakes to bring into school on Friday, and we opened presents.

Q4 birthday

Q4 birthday stickerbook2

Q4 birthday mirror

C5 with Q4s birthday dog

Then we went out for dinner with friends whose daughters' birthdays are April 15 and April 18. So ... C5 was feeling a little left out, not having a birthday, but she handled herself despite the pain and sorrow. This is the same place I made her walk home from a couple of weeks ago because she couldn't hold it together then, so I reminded her of that possibility before we got there, so I think that helped.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Twirley skirt

Remember the twirley skirt?
Yes the one she wore for 30 days straight. And approximately every other day since then?

I went to mend a rip in a seem the otherday .... and found approximately 15 more rips. Either I did a very bad job (entirely possible) or she's worn this thing about 100 times since September and it is worn out.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today was the town-wide yard sale. We walked around the block and bought some treasures. We were given a plastic chair for free, we petted a chihuahua, and ...

C5 bought a horse puzzle, a block clock, a plastic pan-am collectible comb, and some barrettes. I don't know why she's flipping me the bird. Maybe because I wouldn't let her get the stuffies. Second-hand stuffies eeek me out.

C5 with treasures

Q3 got a GIANT horse, a block clock, a flower pin.
Q3 with treasures

We were in search of books, but had to come back home for a bathroom stop then we never got back out. Oh, well. My favorite thing is the awesome block clocks. Q3's has the letter Q on it, and C5's has a U and a picture of a unicorn. So everybody is happy.

Friday, April 9, 2010


C5 is NOT focusing on the French lessons today. Whoah. Totally unfocused and off topic.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Q week

Walking out of school:

Q3: Will you be my mother when I grow up?
E39: Yes, I'll always be your mumma, even when you grow up.
Q3: Then when I'm grown up, I'll come visit you whenever I miss you.
E39: Thank you. I'll like that.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Q3 just read 90% of Oh, Cats! by herself. and about 50% of Good Dog Aggie by herself! Yippee!!!

But better than the fact that she was reading the words was that she was enjoying reading the words and not getting "tired;" she wanted to read it. About 4/5 of the way through Good Dog Aggie she did stop reading, but that was OK.


Q can be very impulsive. She was over tired last night and instead of falling asleep promptly by herself (I kind of spoiled her in Massachusetts, staying while she fell asleep each night) she told me that she didn't love me, and I wasn't in her heart.

After crying for a minute, apparently Q3 had been thinking about what she said, and felt very bad, because she looked up at me and said she was sorry and she did love me and I was in her heart for ever and ever.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

This morning we had bunny pancakes. DEEEEE-licious!!

Bunny Pancake

Then we dyed eggs:





Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg hunt

Egg hunt

Found the last egg

And some Barbie fun:

Thursday, April 1, 2010


That is ... Old Sturbridge Village.
An unbridled success, I think.

We had to take a pre-trip photo:
three girls

As you can see, C5 need a haircut, but she is growing out her bangs. So, for you grandparent types who might be thinking you need to call and inform us that she needs a haircut, you needn't worry about it. The hair in the eyes is intentional.

K6 wore her bonnet there and was so thrilled to point it out to everybody. I wish we'd brought the bonnets for C5 & Q3, too.

This was the scene the whole time at OSV:
K6 and Q3
Q3 loving K6. Whatever K6 wanted, Q3 wanted, too. Whatever K6 wanted to do, Q3 wanted to do as well. Hugs, kisses, loving. And the cool as a cucumber older girl asking why Q3 said/did everything she did. Is that me and my big sister 40 years later???

See, look, another:
K6 and Q3 again

Obligatory fowl picture:
The rooster and the hen

Q3 & K6 had a good time; they looked at everything, they enjoyed everything, they loved running around.

C5 also had a good time, but for her, two things stood out: The weaving and the pottery.

I think C5 spent 15 minutes listening to the woman talk while weaving. And, although I wasn't there, because I was outside with K6 & Q3, probably sharing her own personal experiences with cloth, weaving, fabric, whatever, with the interpreter. No doubt. Because if the topic inerests her, she has stuff to share.

Then similarly, she spent a lot of time watching and listening to the potter. K6 & Q3 and I visited the schoolhouse and ran around outside, then went in to listen for about 10 minutes to the potter talk. C5 was fascinated with the whole process. Unfortunately for the potter, as he discussed his trade he brought up that he kneads the clay to get out air bubbles, and he likened it to how everybody has had a piece of bread with a hole in it, and that was because the baker didn't knead it enough.

C5 then politely asked if she could ask a question and she then discoursed about bagels ("what are those?" the interpreter asked) because they are bread with holes in them ...

She must have had 5-6 questions for the man. And Q3, had one or two, too.

So, this is my favorite photo of the day, C5 at the kiln:
C5 at the kiln

More photos of the day:
C5 at the fence At the Kiln

This is them sharing a cookie at the end of the day, wiped out.
End of the day at SV