Monday, January 28, 2013

Where Q6 fell asleep

So, I guess today was a little rough. Q6 asked me for more attention before she fell asleep, and then she crawled into the box and fell asleep there.

Q6 in a box ...

I think the troubles started last night, when I was snuggling on C8's pillow with her. I noticed she was scratching her head a little vigorously,  so I checked her hair ... yes, nits were observed. I didn't see any live lice at that point in time, but they are sneaky and I was wearing my contacts instead of my naked eyes. We checked Q6 and saw nothing, so we let both girls go to bed. And C43 headed out to buy Nix and a special comb and lots of other crap that I asked for to get rid of the creatures.

Overnight we got slush and snow and freezing rain, so the girl's school had a two hour delay. That gave me just enough time to wash, treat, and comb out C8's hair. Oh, my, she was loaded, but we got her treated, so she could go to school. Then I showed them how I'd use the electronic comb on their heads in the afternoon ... and found that I was also infected.

When I dropped the kids off at school, I let the nurse know about C8 being infected and treated. The nurse said she wanted to check Q6, which I suggested she do while I was there, but still nothing. I came home and treated myself, did more laundry.

When I got the girls home in the afternoon I used the electronic comb on both girls ... and caught a few more creatures on both of them. And then later tonight ... C43 ... infected.

So we are all scratching and feeling positively disgusting. But Q6 asked me to spend more time combing her hair out tomorrow. Not zapping her ear (which I did twice with the electronic comb), but just nit picking her. I can do that. And then she fell asleep in her box.

**where Q6 usually sleeps these days**

Q6 in the closet

Sunday, January 27, 2013

french kisses or

C8 started talking the other day, with a questioning tone ... "there is a type of kisses, I can't remember what it is called,  where you put your tongue in somebody else's mouth, right?"

To which I replied yes, it is called "French kissing" and Q6 then leaned in toward me and said, "let's try it" all  ready to give it a go. I yelped "NO" and pushed her away and she propositioned C8.

And I hastily explained it was something that you do with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Not your mother or sister or father. Or anybody remotely related to you.

At which point the C8 asked "Did you and Daddy French kissed? You are related." Ewwww. And I had to explain once again that no C43 & I are NOT related, and there will be no, No, NO kissing of your sister, your mother, or your father!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Teachers who are awesome

C8s teacher this year is awesome. Really incredible. But she is pregnant (how DARE she?) and will probably be going on maternity leave early in March.

Bugger. But C8 wanted to make her something. A cashmere stuffie dog. She made a pattern, cut out the dog (oops, tail got chopped too small? Just sew some cashmere on), sewed on button eyes. I convinced her to sew it right sides together and then turn it inside-right and stuff it, rather than have the raw edges on the outside. Phew. I did that sewing for her and then turned it right side in .... couldn't get the tail, so that actually is still inside out.

C8 making dog

She sewed on the ears and nose, stuffed it, and then sewed up the stuffing hole very nicely. It looks great!!! A teeny dachshund! We didn't stuff the legs or tail, since they'll be easy for a baby to grab if they aren't stuffed. And the buttons will be easy to pull off an eat, right? Eh, it is the thought that counts!

C8 with dog

Also, C8 and M8 picked out fabric with which to make a baby blanket for their teacher. Fuzzy fleecy minky on the back, gender-neutral fabric on the front. The fleece was stretchy and difficult to work with, so I did most (all) of the work, but they picked the fabrics. I love that red/white polka dot, so I tried to swap out a different fabric, but C8 noticed and kicked up her heels a bit. Back to the dots!

Baby blanket

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday is recycling day

The thing about recycling is if it lingers too long the kids start rummage through it and bring stuff back into the house. Old pieces of paper. Empty tissue boxes. Graded and returned homework. Wrappers. Boxes.

This morning the kids were at home because it is a teacher grading day ... so they all have a day off from school. Normally C43 takes the recycling to the curb on Thursday night, and the recyclables are gone before the girls leave for school. Today, however, the recycling guys were a bit late

When Q6 looked out the window as C43 left for work she saw the stack of boxes next to the recycling bin, ready to be taken away. Disaster. She rushed outside and rescued them, despite me asking her not to.

Q6 rescuing recycling

Ug. Boxes back in the house. But I then asked her if she wanted to read inside the box. She did. So we plopped some blankies inside and a flashlight, and shut the lid on her. She must have spent 2 hours in there (in total) this morning, even reading a book she would not have had she been outside the box (Whispering to Witches by Anna Dale).

Q6 in box

Next week we'll get rid of the boxes, next week.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bugle Boy

Have you been wondering how piano is going? It is going swimmingly.

C8 loves it a great deal, she is a piano music nut. Classical music makes  her swoon. She asked if I could download sheet music for Motzart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik so she could play it. No, that little video isn't her, obviously. She was a little freaked getting the music since she hasn't learned 16th notes yet.  But, she is still hoping to learn it while her teacher is away these two weeks (she does some continuing education this time each year).

C8 has decided to skip the educational/recitational route for the talent show this year, and play Für Elise at the talent show. All she needs now is to learn it. I'm afraid she might be shown up by her friend M8 and M's 5 year old sister, A5, who are also playing piano, but have been doing it for a year longer than C8. They do play charmingly. But no worries, they will all have fun.

Q6 is also really enjoying the piano. I think she isn't as committed as C8, but she loves to sing and play at the same time, which I find charming. Here is a snatch of her practicing.

Isn't that great? She is enthusiastic about singing and playing at the same time, and I love it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Walking to school this morning

Not surprisingly -- she is our child after all -- Q6 couldn't put down her book this morning. So much so that she walked to school reading it. The photos are fuzzy because we were walking.

2013-01-11 07.29.19

 I always thought it would be C8 doing that, but you know what? The world is safer when C8 watches where she is going. But Q6 was so engaged in the book that C8 got way ahead of her. So strange. I decided to walk behind Q6 and put my hand on her back to propel her forward and help her avoid unexploded landmines and such.

2013-01-11 07.30.39

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Somebody gave us their canning materials: waterbath, funnel, canning jars, jar holder, magnetic wand. Stuff. So we made applesauce! We went to the farmer's market and bought a bag of seconds, cooked them up, squished them (this is the point at which C8 started documenting our work) and jarred the applesauce. Into the waterbath and it seems to have worked. We got just shy of 4 quarts of applesauce, one of which is almost gone already.

First you squish it, you squish it!
Hand at machine

Then you drip it, you drip it! The kids though it was funny that this is how I made their baby food, too.
Squishing the sauce

Then you can it, you can it! Only three of the jars, here, the other is in the fridge, and mostly gone ...
And the sauce is done

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

Friends had a fun New Year's Eve party ... Our dearest girls dressed up:

2012-12-31 C8 dressed up for NYE

2012-12-31 Q6 dressed up