Friday, April 27, 2018

Doing Stuff: A sticker book, a button maker, arm art, odd photos, and selfies

Those things don't go together, but I'm not sure how else to frame them. THIS is what the girls have been doing lately.

First, making a coloring/sticker book. C13 has been babysitting for a girl who has a serious heart defect ... she's in for a heart transplant. So the C13 created a special story/coloring book for her, and then they made stickers. One, I love this. Two. I love this. Three, I love this. I don't have a copy of the final book, but this is them working together in the kitchen on this endeavor. The story was about I6 who went under the sea and met all these animals. Or something!

Let's start with weird photos. I have a lot of these on my phone. Don't know how or why.

And move onto button making. C13 made buttons today with this very expentive and cool looking tool. And who wants to bet that this giant, expensive button maker won't be used again after this week?

Arm Art. I don't know. Q12 has been drawing on her arm. I anticipate this trend will last well into and maybe past the summer.

And finally, selfies. Lots of them. On her phone. My phone. TCR's phone. Whereever she can take them.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Somebody online sent me some succulents from CALIFORNIA. Inside two stapled together paper plates. Or 4. Nice sturdy ones, but still. Wasn't that sweet? Look at this thing. I love it. LOVE it.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Transformation Q11 --> Q12. Birthday

A number of years ago (6, to be exact ... See this post) K8 and M came to visit and even though it was Q6's birthday we let K8 decide what to do, since she was visiting. And we visited Mt. Vernon.

I have never lived this down, Q11 has been complaining that K picked what they did on her birthday. And that C7 (at the time) choose the cake that Q6 had (a giant titanic cookie that we smashed into an iceberg. I admit, that sounds very much like C7 of the time. Here's the story) and generally she was trying to guilt us somehow.

But then she admitted she wanted to go to Mt. Vernon for her birthday. And to pet the sheep again. Because she'd had a lot of fun in 2012 when she did it the first time, and had really good memories of petting the sheep and the "group poop" (or was it the poop group? I'm not sure).

So this time she invited S11 & P12 to go to Mt. Vernon and then she wanted to have Turtle Cake (another throwback from her 2nd birthday. And apparently from TCR's grandmother's birthday. But I know Mum had made one for Q2 I think, one time when we were visiting for her birthday) in PolkaDot Park.

So, I made a vegan turtle cake, because Q11 went vegan a couple of weeks ago. This cake was delicious. And it looked just like the turtle cake we made 6 years ago. Almost. But not quite. I had the colors backwards. The other one was green with blue dots, see here.
Birthday morning:

And I made a cake for Pep, too, as we'd be seeing him later. Chocolate with white frosting. Also delicious.

But after breakfast I took Q, P, and S to Mt. Verson. Pictures:

But it started to rain, so we had CAKE at home!

Happy birthday, my wonderful girl!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2018


I know this picture makes little sense. But Easter grass in Q11's hair.  Just because Happy Easter!