Sunday, March 27, 2016


Easter in Massachusetts was lovely. It rained a bit, but the girls and their cousin K12 got a lot of cousin time.

We went to Easter morning at G&G's house, the first time I've been there. And I think they've lived there for 5 years. Whooopsie. But I got there in the end. Actually, I suggested G40 if he'd have Easter so I'd have a reason to go there. The food, of course, was great. The beets and something .... green beans??? .... dish was my definitely favorite.

And of course, the family was wonderful.

New family photo:

And even better:

One more thing, when we were up in Massachusetts dad took us to his cousin Elise's house to see if there was any furniture from her attic that we wanted. Always on the lookout for a bureau, I definitely wanted to go. We found lovely, sturdy one.

We also found about eight lovely hats from the 40s. I mean, the hats were/are in amazing shape. All a little bit too small for me. But I took them anyway, because, hats. We got a rotten photo of us because it was so dark.  But, the hats were cool. I ended up giving them to her friends for dress up. Awesome dress up.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

STEM fair

Guess who won first place in the STEM fair??


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Addendum to after a week of snow

C11 took some really nice photos that she wanted to share. These were snow week photos.

Inside the neighbor's igloo


this is how much snow we got

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