Saturday, December 27, 2008

Skip Christmas

Because Santa was good to us, things are good.

And today was one of those days. Wait. 24 hours.

6:00 PM (last night) Dryer noisy.
6:10 PM Dryer finished cycle, and I go down to get clothes.
6:11 PM I find out that there were not sneakers in the load. The dryer had fallen apart. But the clothes were dry.
6:12 PM I send C39 down to look at it. Fewer obscenities than I anticipated.
8:30 PM Dryer together again. **
5:30 AM (this morning) Q2 spits up in bed (mostly snot, I think). Seems to have a low fever of around 100-101.
9:00 AM Washing machine overflows big time ... the water flowed all the way into the bathroom and even a bit on the carpet in the finished area of the lower level.
10:OO AM Q2 vomits 10 (silver dollar sized) pancakes, soymilk, and maple syrup. All over me. And a wee bit on the couch. She begs for a shower and won't let me in.
10:15 AM While I am showering, C4 eats half a tube of toothpaste.
10:20 AM Poison control says just watch out for diahrea, but she'll be OK.
10:21 AM C4 laughs maniacally in our faces and says "It was all worth it, all worth it, suckahs!!! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!"
10:21 AM Just kidding, but C4 does look self satisfied and not scared at the prospect of pooping.
10:30 AM to 1 PM Q2 rests on me on the chair.
Noon Neighbor comes by to drop off 2 fans and a dehumidifier.
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Q2 rests on C39 on the chair. Complains of abdomen pain on the right side. Insists it is only there, nowhere else.
3:00 PM call doctor.
3:30 PM call doctor again! Why didn't he call back??
3:40 PM doctor finally calls back and it is decided she probably doesn't have appendicitis, but why not go get her checked out at the hospital anyway.
3:45 PM C39 takes Q2 to the hospital.
4:00 C4 and I take a walk to the park to play Zippity Sticks (Pat. Pending).
5:00 C4 & I walk home and go to Franklins for dinner. I finally asked for a rare burger, and LO! the best burger I've ever had there. I think they undercooked it for effect, but dang, it was exactly what I wanted!!
6:30 C4 & I get home, C39 & Q2 get home minutes later. C4 takes a 40 minute bath. Q2 takes a 2 minute bath and fell asleep before I put her on the bed.
8:15 PM Q2 making waking noises. And so the cycle begins.

I'm exhaused, headachy, bodyachy, sorethroaty, stuffy, coughy ... I think I need nyquil. Except then I won't be able to wake up in the middle of the night when Q2 needs help.

And the bathroom/basement guestroom need serious help before our visitors arrive tomorrow afternoon. I'm sorry. I'm just so sorry.

**for those of you how have alledged that my husband is not handy ... I beg to differ. You know who you are, ME62.

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  1. mmm It's taken me a week to read your accusation but have I ever said C39 is not handy? He had to be or the squirrels would still be in your attic...