Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 2 at Williamsburg

This morning we left earlier than everybody else because we work better earlier in the morning. C4 considered renting and wearing a dress as Q3 had the day before, but as we got closer to the possibility of dressing up (not that we CALLED it that!!!) she backed away from that idea, and just decided to stay in her regular clothing.

We got off the bus at the governor's mansion. A good choice, and a good place to start. The grounds were really lovely. We walked through some formal gardens in search of the hedge maze. We found it. And C4 did the hedge maze about 5 times. She loved it. And I loved that!

C4 in the maze

Maze at the mansion

After we did the maze over and over, we headed out, through more formal gardens, by the fish pond and to the kitchen garden and the kitchen. The garden was nice, on a steep hill, and about 3/4 of the way down they had artichokes! We've been considering growing artichokes for a few years, and I keep thinking they'd take up too much room. This convinced me we could do it.


And then we finally hooked up with the rest of the family. N38 was off getting us hooked up for the long awaited carriage rides, and we headed off down the green. Partway there we ran into some folks doing rolling hoops games ... which all the girls tried. I think A5 & L5 did great. Q2 never got it despite private lessons. And as C4 started getting it and whacked her finger.

After C4's tradgedy, we moved on, and ended up at the marketplace, where we bought C4's hat. Why she looks like C40 is the scum of the earth, I don't know.
new hat

Q3 wanted a hat, too, but since they were $35 and she'd never wear it we managed to convince her that two pony stuffies was a better deal. She bought it and we moved onto the shoemakers, which was just doors away from where we would be picking up our carriage, and where we spent a surprisingly long time. They enjoyed watching the man work on shoes and talk about them.

at the shoemakers

Then after we got tired of that, Q3 went back outside to pat some horses, and C4 went to do some more writing with a quill at the shop.

Q3 & L5 with the ponies

Finally it was time for our ride.
in the carriage
you can't see Q3 because she is hiding between C40 & me.

Once the photo op was over Q3 got into it, and had a grand time next to Ninoo.

ninoo & q3

And C4 ... loved it.

C4 loved this

And so did the rest of us. Our carriage driver stayed in character, and we picked up another Colonial Williamsburg actor who interacted with the driver and us on the back of our carriage at about the half-way point. It was a fun, low-pressure ride for everybody.

After the carriage ride we "checked out churches!" for C4. I sat in George Washington's pew. Are they called pew if it isn't a Catholic church? C40 assures me yes. Then we had a picnic lunch, and headed up to Governor's Mansion for the tour. I loved the tour, it was quick, informative, our tour guide (Brandon) was fantastic. C4 was antsy, but Brandon assured me she was doing behaving very well. Q3 was antsy ... and fell asleep on C40's shoulder.

We took the bus back to the welcome center, Q3 woke up, we bought her ponies, a great sticker book and dog for C4, and headed back to our home on the York River.

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