Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 2 of vacation

Colonial Williamsburg, day 1

When she saw her cousins renting costumes at Colonial Williamsburg, Q3 decided she could dress up like a colonial girl ... with super cute results.


At Williamsburg, they have a live action show, where characters ride up on horses, fight, discuss the rebellion, etc. So just as we got off the bus and were wandering around in front of the Capitol Building, Benedict Arnold was scheduled to ride up just minutes later. So we hung around. While waiting, Q3 and her cousins maintained their cuteness.

Q & L

And C4 climbed a tree.

C4 in the tree
C4 in the tree 2
C4 in the tree 1

Q3 sat and stood by some oxen for a long time having a snack, and ... enjoying the cattle. Clearly, she isn't my child.

Be wary Q3 & the cattle

After the cattle left (and left behind some mementos) C4, Q3 & I sat and the kids ate lunchy foods for a while, and some of the live action shows where horses galloped through, which was exciting. C4 got to pet some dogs. Both children were tired already, and Q3 complained of an earache.

E38 & Q3

We visited some more shops and houses (the silversmith, the milliner, a wigmakers). But their favorite thing from today was the blacksmith's shop, and the female blacksmith (And for C4, the blacksmith's very pretty dress). They could have spent all day watching her, I think.

Blacksmith 1

We headed further down the road, stopping at the post office, where C4 got to write with a quill, and Q3 and I sat outside as she moaned and cried and rested on my shoulder.

When C4 & C40 came out we headed down to the printer and the bookbinder, where we got some endpaper scraps for bookmarks (in Q3's hand in photo). I plan on trying to make some with C4 & Q3 at some point.


Back on the main street we saw this:

Interesting carriage

I'd never seen a carriage where the driver sat on the horse (not the carriage) before. The girls didn't actually notice that particular aspect of the carriage, but they did notice the carriage, and got interested in carriage rides.

We headed back around the corner to the cooper's, but ran into some sheep before we got there.

Baa baas

After about 10 minutes of patting the baa-baas, we got to the cooper ... and both girls hated it. So we left, and headed to the green, where we found our family again.

Papa & UnNu in the stocks

papa in the stocks

A37 in stocks

But best of all ... yes, our cautious, cautious girl, C4, got in the stocks. Kind of.

C4 in the stocks

But we were all getting tired, Q3 was still unhappy, tired, complaining about her ear, so we went home, went swimming in the pool on the base, and just hung out. THAT was their speed.

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