Saturday, June 6, 2009

Too Loud!!!

I don't YELL a whole lot. So yesterday poor Q3 was scared out of her wits when she was yelled at TWICE in one day.

The first time was when I was trimming and sewing up her curtains (yes, after 4 years I have FINALLLLLLLY trimmed them ... because she liked to spin herself up in them and I keep thinking she's going to pull the curtain rods out of the wall — something Celeste did in her room a year or so ago). My fault, I left the machine on while I stopped to thread her needle (C4 * Q2 were embroidering), so she went over to the pedal and pushed it down as far as it would go ... so the needle flew at top speed.

And I yelled.

And Q3 started crying.

The second time was when ... Q3 wanted to run outside when C39 was sweeping up some residual glass shards (I broke a window earlier, just after telling the kids to be careful with the screen door!). Both C39 & I yelled "NO!" and Q3, again, started crying.

Because it was "Too loud!"

Yes, I suppose it was.

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