Monday, June 1, 2009

Wet behind the ears

Joined the pool

For the first time, we've joined the pool. We've been asked for, er, um, about three years now. And I've always said no no no girls too little, can't do two at once, etc., etc.

But, after months of demanding to go swimming every week with C39, I finally realized they would be interested in swimming every day this summer.

Or so I thought.

We've been about five times, now. And every time has been progressively more trying to get there.

The first time was easy. But ... there was thunder and we were all hearded out of the pool. So, we left.

The second time ... not quite as easy for us to get out of the house and get there, but we checked the weather, and let C4 know that the lifeguards were looking out for us. C4 went fully intending not to go in the pool, but after a bit she went in and did some amazing face-down, underwater swimming. Q3 just enjoyed every minute she was there, playing with the noodles in the H2O, playing in the sandbox, etc. All was fine ... until the over the loudspeaker came an announcement that thunderstorms were in the area, and we might have to go quickly. C4 jumped out of the pool and clawed her way onto Daddy and then hid under the play structures. Then lightning was sighted and everybody was told (via loudspeaker) to get under the porch on the building and make it snappy. We left with two frightened children. Well, one honestly terrified child and one monkey-see-monkey-do terrified child.

The third time was C39 and both girls ... they never got into the H2O because of thunder and lightning.

Saturday was the 4th time. Q3 was thrilled to go, her suit was on and she was ready to go. C4 had a tantrum, but when she realized we were going anyway, she consented to walk there with me (with stroller) and sat under the porch until we told her if she got in the pool she could have a fudgesicle. In the pool and was fine the rest of the day.

Sunday was the 5th and C4 sat at the picnic table until she remembered that she'd get an icecream if she went in the pool. She went in the big pool without C39 ... dunking, holding on, pushing up & down in the water without him next to her.

Q3 put on her new goggles & water jacket ... but refused to go in the big pool. Whatever. We spent hours there, just playing on the toys, in the kiddie pool, hanging with friends.

... To be continued!

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