Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a nutball.

Lately, Q3 has been so accomodating. We ask if she wants to try something, she says uh huh, opens her mouth, and says "Yuuuuummmmmm!" (even if she doesn't like it!)

The other one, formerly known as C4, now known as CNoIWillNOTTryItNeverNeverNEVER!, is less accomodating.

We tried my dad's beets. Nice enough. I found some sweet ones. Kinda delicious. She seemed interested when my father told her that they'd turn her poop PURPLE!!!

**tiny aside. My poo stayed its normal color. My pee, however, was pink, which did worry me at first, but I figured it out**

But once she had them on her plate ... the drop to the floor temper tantrum started, including such choice phrases as:

NO, no, no!
I will NEVER eat that!
I forgot to tell MeMe and Pep to NEVER EVER bring something I don't like!
I break that rule [that she had to try it]
No, let me tell you what I want for dinner!

Initially we got 1 piece of beet into her. At the pool I managed to get two pieces into both of them. But, truthfully, they didn't like it. Even the sweet one. Even after C4 admitted it tasted like sugar. Sugar she didn't want to eat.

So, tonight I made a very simple zucchini creole (Zucchini. Onions. Tomato. That's it) from the Zucchini Eight-Ball we got in our veggie box. If you haven't tried this variety ... do so!!! Fewer seeds! Great texture!

Same response. Falling to the floor kicking screaming telling me that she was going to do the meal planning from now on. Even though the REST of the meal was 100% kid friendly (Veggie corn dogs! Catsup!)

I don't know what my inspiration was ... but I offered her one chocolate chip for every piece of zucchini she ate.

Huh. That was interesting. She immediately said she'd have one. No ... THREE! so she could have THREE chocolate chips.

And after she ate all her zucchini and asked for more, she said this:

Did you hear that? She said "I love zucchini."

Q3, not wanting to be outdone, said something to make her father very very proud:

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