Monday, August 17, 2009

Almost rather tactful for a 3 year old.

After all that cake, I needed a little exercise. So, instead of taking the car to the pool as the girls requested, I insisted on the stroller so we could walk and get my exercise. The girls protested, but I asked if they'd rather I get fat and unfit, or I get my exercise.

The stroller it was.

So. Once at the pool we were in and swimming and an enormous, ginormous, overweight woman headed for the stairs.

Q3 started talking. To make her long story short ...

Q3: Um, um, um, Mumma, mumma, that woman, that woman, that woman in the blue bathing suit ...
E39 [sensing the direction this is headed, tries to head it off]: Yes, isn't that a nice blue?
Q3: No, mumma, no, that woman didn't get her exercise, did she?

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