Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nats game

Around my birthday C40, my dad, and I went to a Nats game. It was absolutely devestatingly painful to watch. The Nationals played ... well, frankly, like a team that didn't want to be there.

Today, C40, C4, Q3, and I went to a game. The seats were GREAT. I think the best I've ever had, between home and first (above the hometeam dugout) and close in (not ridiculously close in, but very nice, thank you). And the Nats were playing ... spectacularly! Maybe it was the 7 game winning streak (and ... now 8!), but they were hustling and getting ... runs.

The fans, however, were melting. It was hot. Look at C4's face (red)

E39 & C4 melting at the game

And Q3's curls (humidity plumped)

C40 & Q3 melting at the game

We lasted 4-5 innings before we thought the girls were going to get heatstroke (and that with lemonade, water, and sno-cones). Plus, neither could sit on the seats because they were too hot. So, the were on OUR laps, making us hotter, too. I was sitting on the programs. Every time I got up with C4 for a shade break ... I brought some damp paper along stuck on my thighs. Attractive.

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