Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old dog, old tricks

Yesterday C4 and her classmates were asked to draw a face yesterday in class, and she refused and scribbled hers instead. Yikes. I guess they should have said it was a dog.

So this morning C4's teacher this morning asked me if C4 was still 4. Yes ... why? And she showed me the face. And told me that she tested C4 yesterday, and C4 has mastered the kindergarten curriculum, but she has some maturing/socialization issues to work on.

I guess I knew that. Although, to be fair, I told the teacher that I think the being stubborn about not doing what she doesn't want to do is one of C4's personality traits (flaws?) that isn't going to change if she is 4 or 8 or 24 or 82.

The teacher told me she was sorry, I had a lot of trouble ahead of me.

*** UPDATED ***

Her teacher and I talked this afternoon, and really it is about C4 not wanting to do anything she thinks isn't cool or whatever. And that she needs a challenge. And that Mrs. B will be working on it as the class settles in. And Mrs. B thought she'd do great in Montessori, where she does self-directed learning. But, she didn't want to lose C4 from class, either. I suppose if they don't want to lose her they'll have to work to keep her engaged and interested.

And C4 today said to the teacher she was done with school, she needed a vacation. Phew. I agree, it has been a long week.

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