Friday, May 14, 2010

Trip to Clark's Farm

I had Q4 & K4 to take care of, so we all sat together on the bus. The front seat, thank you girls, for being so thoughtful!
On the Bus

We went on a hayride
E39 & Q4  & K4
Q4 on the hayride

I caught pictures of every other child feeding and petting the animals ... but whenever I tried to capture Q4's image somebody stepped in the way. But here she is NEAR the horse:
Q4 and the horse

The place also had all these fantastic creations of nursery rhymes ... Q4 told me this was the house of the three bears. I am not sure why it has a pipe for a chimney, a bag on the roof, and what looks to be a baby bottle on the entryway.

Q4 looking in the window

And we spent a ton of time at this giant shoe: