Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sleep rules

Sound familiar?
That's because we used them before with Q4, the little stinker. I mean darling child who goes to sleep everynight with a smile and a wink.

1. Brush your teeth
2. Use the toilet
3. Take a bath
4. Put on pyjamas
5. Read 3 stories
6. Turn out the light
7. Put your head on the pillow
8. Snuggle with stuffie
9. Go to sleep

They seem to be working. She only briefly came out of her room and went back in with little fuss.

She is currently sleeping on the floor directly under her new fan. A teeny tiny little fan for her teeny tiny room. Very cute.

But the point is, she's asleep, and fell asleep by 7:45. Hooray. Now I can go to bed.