Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After Friday night, Q3 was tired, tired, tired. She went to sleep late! And Saturday night C40 and I went out to dinner, leaving Q4 making crazy noises with our babysitter, but she was alseep before 9, maybe 8:30?

Sunday Q4 was a little tired, and so she took a nap during quiet time. We thought she needed it, so let her sleep. I knew she fell asleep because Enya had been blaring and suddenly just ended and there was no re-up or change to a new CD.

She slept for 1.5 hours? I don't know. But I do know she was up until 11:17 PM.

So today, getting ready for quiet time I asked Q4 if she wanted music.
Q4: Yes.
E39: Enya again?
Q4: No.
E39: Why not, I thought you liked it?
Q4: It just plays the same thing over and over again.
E39 [in head]: yes, you are quite correct.

She took a nap again, and I but we were headed to a party, so woke her up. She's not yet asleep now at 9:37 pm.

She's very tired. Cranky. and not asleep.