Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A few days ago we really really finally and absolutely used up all of the water colors. It was down to the dregs around the outside of the paints. We are not able to have that situation for long in our house, so after I picked them up today we headed straight out to buy new paints.

We came home with some gorgeous water colors, vibrant, bright colors (Crayola, if you are interested). We made lots of pictures. Here is a sample:

C5's favorite because of all the beautiful colors, and her second favorite, the hula dancer (see the teeny tiny bikini top?)

C5's favorite painting today Hula Dancer by C5

Q4's favorite was a rainbow. She was a girl of lines today, drawing mulitudes of lines and rainbows and plaids.
Q4's rainbow

And this last one was on the back of the dots. Looks unfinished, but acceptable enough for a photo, I guess.
C5 and the house