Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trip to Maine

C41 & I woke at 3 am, loaded the car, and picked up the kids and were off by 3:30 am. We'd hoped the children would fall back asleep in the car, but we were really just fooling ourselves. Q4 was WIDE AWAKE and fascinated with the world at night. C5 was more likely to fall asleep, but not with her sister enjoying the sights and sounds.

We made fantastic time, even spent a lovely half hour or 40 minutes at a rest area in Massachusetts that was having a farmer's market. A pint of blueberries, a pint of strawberries, and two yogurts later and we were back on the road.

Q4 finally had a wee nap (about 45 mintues) and then about a half an hour before we arrived in Maine C5 had a nap (for about 30 minutes)

We made it to York in 9.5 hours then got lost because Google Maps indicated that a particular road went through when in fact it had been closed off a number of years earlier. No biggie, we got there.

York Manor

York Beach Panoramic