Sunday, July 18, 2010


Long weekend of work, but today we went to Mary Poppins at the Kennedy Center. Lovely, fun, and the kids loved it.

We got there a few minutes early, so hung outside:


The children were eager to go in, so moments after they opened the doors we let them in. A little seat confusion, but we found them eventually. And they were not bad. Just under the balcony, a wee bit far back, but the best seats we could get. But we were facting stage left, on the aisle, which made for a great view for me (on the aisle), despite having a super tall guy in front of me. And Q4 on my lap.

But the show was good, Q4 danced along with the Supercalefragelisticexpealidocious number and the step in time number-- both excellent. Bert actually walked up the walls and over the ceiling, he was really amazing.

Can't wait to take the kids to more plays. Big success.