Thursday, August 26, 2010


Q4 had a monster fever today. I put her to bed last night thinking she was a little warm (and she was irrational and had some melt-downs yesterday, but she is 4) and she woke at 2:30 needing some attention. I tried helping her to sleep and eventually got her a sip of water which she promptly vomited. So off to a bath, which helped cool her down. And then outside, with a nice facecloth on her head. C41 held her all night, and I went back to sleep so I could spend the day with her. We couldn't get a temp, but she felt around 102+ but I couldn't give her medicine because she'd just vomit it back at us. Yuck. So sleep, bath, movie, sleep, sleep, sip of water, sleep, wake, 1/2 a banana for lunch, tylenol, more sleep and this afternoon she was much better. She's warm again at bedtime, but not crazy hot and lethargic.

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