Friday, August 13, 2010

Dutch Wonderland

I've been waiting for these photos for a week. Yes, yes, they are digital, but they came off of Carter's camera.

I'm not sure, now, that they are representative of the visit we had to Dutch Wonderland, but how can you really represent a visit to an amusement park in still photos?

You need ACTION! SMELLS! The time spent in LINES! The NOISE!

None of which you can adequately represent in a static photo.

But no matter. The girls had a grand time, I had a great time, and Carter got to ride all the crazy rides he wanted!

Favorite ride for Q4: Sky ride.
Q4 & E40 on the Sky Ride
Favorite ride for C5: Roller Coaster.
But I don't have a photo of that, so swings it is.
C5 on the Swings

C5 was with C41 on the little boats
C4 in the boat ride

Q4 was quite daring on the carousel. She prefers a slow ride to a fast one (she did not even try the kiddie coaster. And we stood in line for a frogger ride, which she subsequently told me was her favorite ride, but she must have imagined how great the ride was, becase we didn't actually make it on. But on the carousel she was riding with one hand. Then no hands! Then turning around with no hands!
Q4 still on the Carousel

We spent all day there, from 10:30 am to about 6:30 pm. Long day, nobody wanted to go home, nobody fell asleep in the car (well, maybe me). Q4 complained that it was difficult to fall asleep sitting up. Just tell that to Pep, Q, I think he'll beg to differ.