Saturday, August 21, 2010

New obsession

Dogs. Princesses. Fairies ... the obsession are coming fast and furious. The newest is one we can approve of. The states & license plates.

C5 likes to read her atlas that talks about the state flowers, trees, flags, size, people, industries, largest city, the capital, etc. We also turned her onto license plates on our way home from Maine in June. Since then she has been "collecting" license plates. And of course Q4 is all into it, too.

When they see a car without a license plate in the front they notice, and say to each other, "let's be happy about it" ... I guess because the alternative is being downright mad about the car not having a front license plate.

Q4 saw a car driving ON OUR STREET with a Virginia license plate. The excitement was unbridled!

In this area you see nearly everything ... We saw Hawaii a week or so ago, which you don't see so many of!

C5 loves the license plate game, and learning about the states. This picture looks set up, but it isn't. She fell asleep reading her atlas. And it wasn't the first time.

C5 falls asleep