Monday, September 20, 2010

4-year-old check up

The 4 year old check up (forgotten in April, May, and June, and finally scheduled in August for September) went worse than expected, but reading back about C6's 4 year old check up ... went just about as well as I could have hoped.

Actually, Q4 was nervous about the tounge depressor, the ear check (she remembers the little pink spoon that scooped out copious amounts of ear wax last spring), the eye check , and nose check. She was NOT nervous at all about the Sthesocope, though. So we practiced everything she was worried about and made a deal that if she didn't fuss we'd go get donuts for her class at school.

Which was 100% on track ... She flinched when the doctor did look in her ears, but no fussing. She deliberately held herself together and was looking forward to bringing donut holes to class to share.

But then the nurse mentioned shots.

Which actually was OK ... I told her it would hurt, gave her a pinch, and told her it would hurt something like that. She was OK with that. We discussed that it would go in her arms, not her legs, that she wasn't going to fuss.

UNTIL -- Q4 saw the needles and she went apeshit, screaming, crying, holding her arms in and locking them together. We had to unlock her arms from each other and I didn't do a good job holdingher still so the first shot, I think, hurt quite a bit. And then there were 3 more. By the last one she did hold still for a bit -- or maybe my grip was better -- but was still screaming the whole time: NO! NEVER! I WILL NEVER GET SHOTS! GO AWAY! NO! NO! NO! NO! I DO NOT WANT A SHOT! NO!

And so forth.

And then it was all over and the sobbing and crying slowly tapered off and was gone by the time we hit Dunkin' Donuts. She picked a pink donut, but couldn't buy any to share with her friends. She even saved a bite to share with C4, who she has dubbed her best friend since N4 moved away.

Oh, stats! BP 92/58, Height 41", Weight, 37.5# ... yes, she's in the 50% range! Let's just ignore the fact that she is 4.5, shall we? Taller and heaver than C4 was at that age. I'm rooting for her, I really am.

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