Sunday, September 12, 2010


C6 asked to embroider today. We decided on a Halloween theme. M6 did a pumpkin, I started but never got far witha ghost, and C6 decidedon a black cat.

I was very impressed with her embroidery. She drew the black cat and stitched it very very well. She isn't 100% done, but her stitching is really good! Yes, it looks like a cross between a rat and a racoon, but c'mon, she's six. She stitched every toe on the cat!

C6's embroidery

Q4 got in on the act and drew a spooky tree & then a pumpkin. She stitched half the tree and a chunk of the pumpkin. Know what ... her stitching is very straight too. I've got to remember not to judge her abilities against C6's ... C6 is 19 months older. Great job, both.

Q4's embroidery

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