Thursday, October 28, 2010

C5's class parade

I posted the photos but forgot to post them here. I went to her classroom early and helped the kids get their outfits on. Most of the 6 year olds didn't care if I was in the changing room with them (girls only) and most would go in together, but a few were very private, going in alone, no help from me, taking their time. Just wondering when the switch happens ... when do you change from being ok changing in front of your friends and a strange mother to not being ok having anybody else there? I can't remember.

My 6 year old sweetie (notice the book? She had it as part of her costume. And the waist apron ... well, we forgot that at home). Also, does her costume look familiar? It should. Last year she was a princess. Same skirt. Similar shirt. Different headgear.
C6Praire Girl

C6 and her prairie girl friends (notice how nice their costumes are.)
3 praire girls

C6's whole class
C6s class

The parade:

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