Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dancing to ABBA

Q4 discovered ABBA the other day. She's been going through the old CDs in the basement and dancing/bouncing (today was The Meters Live) to musis she finds. Here are her ABBA dances. I DO NOT know where she learned those moves. Really.

I like the one because of the beautiful dance steps. I like the other video because of the little index finger twirl. That is so Q4.

PS. Remember that hat I made for Q4 the other day? It fits me because it is stretchy ... it is a great bed hat. MMM warm. We'll see if I have to make my own.

PPS! Remember that twirly skirt I made C6 about a year ago? (almost exactly a year!). I had a charge to make Q one, too. Well, I finally did it this afternoon. Made from freecycle fabric. One which is already fraying, so I don't know how long this skirt will last. But then, C6's skirt is so dirty and disgusting and it has frayed and gotten holes and had to resewn, and is so faded ... but she still loves it. Pictures tomorrow when she puts it on.

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