Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Emergency sit

On Monday I had a H5 over over while his dad took his little sister to the doctors with 2 burst eardrums.

C6 and H5 were both thrilled to find out that he was coming over, and they were discussing all the things they could do. What they finally hit upon as a plan that satisfied them both was a book service. They created flyers and delivered them to the neighbors advertising the book service. When I asked what a book service was they ... weren't sure. So they figured out it meant they'd sell books.

What books? I asked. They'd make them! Even better. So they sat on the porch and made books together.

H5 isn't writing fluently yet, so he created a picture book and a nature kit, and one book where I had to laboriously spell everything out for him.

C6 wrote books like WWII, The Morse Code, and Landlocked States (3). WWII was quite good, it was mostly a treatise on how bad and mean and hurtful war was, but I'm not sure it was entirely facutual. The Morse Code was just a bundle of facts that H5 & C6 made up. And Landlocked States was a nice compendium of facts about three landlocked states (West Virginia, Iowa, and Arkansas).

And others. They then waited for customers. When somebody came by C6 would yell at them to ask them to come by. Some actually stopped. H5 demanded $4.99 for a book, but C6 dropped the price to $.01, (and even gave some away) and we had 3-4 sales. I suppose that is what you have to do when you are just starting out in the publishing field.

Writing books for the Book Service
(note the exerpt from "The Morse Code"

Q4 was not absent for all of this. She was busy creating a sign:
Q4 Q4 I love
Q4 I Love - erase Q4 loves books

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