Monday, November 22, 2010

C6's turkey tunes

Turkey Tunes went ... as well could be expected. C6 LOVES to be at the front of the class. And she was at the front of the class. Front and center. Because when the kids were singing she was talking. When they were sitting, she was standing. When they were standing, she was sitting. When they all swayed left, she swayed right. She put her hands over the boy next to her's face. She stuck out her tounge. She added her own commentary to the songs.

Poor little S6, next to C6. They are best friends this year, but S6 looked so stressed the whole time because C6 was talking, hugging, whispering, poking her. S6 actually wanted to sing.

We've got more of this good stuff online. More of the same. Poking, talking, making faces, showing underwear, taking the bow out of the hair, then put it back in.

Best part ... undocumented, of course ... everybody gave a bow, and C6 fell all the way to the floor in a heap. Then she got up, everybody bowed again, and she fell to the floor in a heap again.

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