Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey, are we sick again?

Update: C6 has another earache, just over a week after she finished her antibiotics (Thursday the 4th) for her last earache, had an auto-immune reaction to the amoxicillin (Friday/Saturday the 4th/5th). So last night C6 woke up in the middle of the night crying over an earache and hot froma fever.

I got to comfort her for a half hour or so. But then I got to bed and she called for DAADDDDDY! Ahhh. Well, I still didn't sleep well, but C41 slept worse. Because he was with C6.

Nothing new with Q4. She's reading really really well, going to bed well, with little if any intervention. Thank you time change!!! Haha, she gets up earlier, but she is tired by the time bedtime rolls around. I love fall back.

Best line from Q4 today: Italians make spaghetti best.
Mistquoting "Where do they Make Balloons?" by They Might be Giants.

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