Saturday, November 6, 2010


Q4 hair

We have a new backyard trampoline. A HUGE backyard trampoline, thanks to one generous uncle. This thing is 14' across. This is almost 3 of me! But not quite.

One minor problem has been the finding of a suitable place to park it. I thought the upper garden. No, that was unacceptable because it wasn't level, and it ran into the adorable little Harry Lauder's Walking Stick tree. And the Hemlock over hung a little too close. And the edge of uppergarden loomed a little close. And we don't have the nets for the edge of the trampoline yet.

So, we moved it. To the bottom of the garden. Which is, I have to admit, just as hilly. Actually, maybe more slanted. No matter. We moved it again. Still at an angle.

Fine, just jump already!!

Best part: The jumping!! Worst part: The shocks that I get when the kids wander over and snap me with when they reach out and touch me after jumping for a couple of minutes. ZAPPP!

C6 high Q4 high

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