Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas miscellany

We walked along Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville. It was windy and chilly, but not so bad.
C6 hmmm

For some strange reason Q4 was FREAKED OUT by the water and the seawall ... she did not like any of us walking on the wall, down the steps or even on the sidewalk by the water. She was crying, pulling us, rather upset for the first half of the walk. When C41 stopped to take a photo she sat on his foot so he wouldn't fall in the water (he was on the sidewalk).

E40 C6 sillouette

Eventually it got better, Q4 walked along the path that wasn't so close to the water, and we stopped to say hi to every puppy along the way, which was fine.

C6 at beach

After our walk we headed to get Beignets. Yum. You can see that C6 was kind of sick after enjoying hers.

C6 begneits C6 sick

You'd think all this sugar wasn't good for us or our teeth, but it didn't matter so much because C6 had already lost a tooth on Sunday, the 26th. Her third tooth, actually. he tooth fairy made it to Louisiana. We weren't sure if the toothfairy would have any golden dollars on a Sunday in Louisiana, but luckily she did.

C6 lost her third tooth

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