Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yes, we were at it again! This year the gingerbread was 1/2 whole wheat, so it was crumbly and difficult to work with. But I managed to get three houses made. C41 and I did one (yes, C41 supervised), Q4 & C6 did one, and my Friends J40 & A3? did one.

As usual, Q4 ate more than she decorated.
What Q4 did the whole time

Q4 eating again

Q4 more candy in the mouth

But candy onto the house prevailed in the end. This is Q4's side of the house (candy augmented by C6):
Quinlan's side of the house

And this is C6's. Twice as much candy.
Celeste's side of the house

And this was my house, with some help from Q4. I could have worked for a bit longer, but everybody else was done:

Evelin's Gingerbread house

Anyway, we had fun. C6 then gorged on cheese, so neither girl ate dinner, stayed up too late watching a movie, and then fell asleep hard just before J40 & A3x left.

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