Saturday, December 18, 2010

Q4's Christmas Pagent

Q's Christmas progam was Friday. The 2s carried stars, the 3s were shepherds, and the 4s & 5s were an animal, Mary, Joseph, or an angel. They didn't actually have a creche scene, but a Santa Claus telling the story of the first Christmas. This solved the problem of having the 4&5 year olds act.

First, the four faces of a sheep

Q4 saying hi TCR's fav

My fav of Q4 Q4 cute

It happened to be Q4s turn to light the candles in children's chapel, so we got that. This was nice, I'd wondered last year why whatever child got to do it got to do it. Just the regular rotation of things. Actually, J4 went up first until an adult remembered that she'd done it during Children's Chapel that week, so hey, it was Q4's turn!!

Much of the program I had two adults moving back and forth in front of me trying to get their kids on video. So, sorry about the big heads and hair and cameras when they get on screen!

The first song Q4's class sang.

Here is Q4 doing the wrong thing and being told to go back to the other area

You can't see much of Q4 here, but she is snuffing the candles. And somebody drops the snuffer on the alter.

And finally, Bells Are Ringing recessional song. And then school was over for the day!

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