Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So many photo ops, so little time

We do lots of stuff, we go lots of places, but I have no time to write about it, take pictures of it, or reflect upon it. Sorry about that.

Look here's the update: Q4 is reading very well now, she's comfortable reading to her peers in school and at home. C6 asked her teacher for harder homework and math in school. So now she has more challenging homework and I hate it. I hate having to do homework EVERY DAY with her --UG-- and now it is more than just a rote exercise for her. Which I suppose is good.

And, if you haven't noticed, Christmas is just around the corner. Weeks ago, now, we make salt dough, cut out shapes, let the shapes dry, and then ... didn't do anything. Finally I bought some acrylic paint and sparkly paint and we painted them yesterday! We must have spent over an hour doing the decorating; both girls were really into it.

Here is one of Q4's ornaments:

The remainder of her ornaments she wrapped and put tags on and is giving to her friends and teachers at school. They are wrapped in blue princess paper and pink penguin paper. Lots of tape.

C6 made some Mexican bunnies (Red, white and green) and a lot of dogs. Lots of dogs. She's also tagged them all for her teachers (everybody, including the music teacher, the PE teacher, the vice principal, the principal, the librian, the computer teacher, and her regular teacher) and a few friends. The Mexican bunnies are going to two children I don't hear much about, usually, not sure if it's because they come from Mexico or they happen to sit next to her.

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