Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yummy faces

We've been making graham cracker snacks lately, where I spread cream cheese on a graham cracker and they decorate them with dried fruit and pumpkin seeds. C6 LOVES these. Q likes them. Nobody else who has visited has seemed nearly as into them.

C6 had a friend over (third try was the charm. First try ... snow day. Second try ... Q4 was sick. Third try ... play date!) and she (S6) really didn't go for the yummy face. C6 ate S6's yummy face, while S6 played with Q4's friend, K4. What? They didnt' even know each other. They couldn't even remember each other's names. But K4 asked if next time S6 was over if they could play. She asked this because I kept telling her to go back and play with Q4 and not interrupt C6 & S6. Because she wanted to do so, and I know S6 would have played with her, then both of my girls would have been playing alone ... or with each other. I'm not hosting a playdate for other people's children! Well, actually, I was.

Anyway, here is the yummy face.

Yummy faces

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