Friday, February 11, 2011


The house is dusty. I think I've washed the floor twice every day since Monday. Ug. It is foul.

And here is why:

New Pipes In ...

New Pipes In ...

The floor in the bathroom has been ripped out to repair the rocking floor set in 4 inches of concrete, in which was embedded some galvanized steel pipes that were starting to go. By go I mean rot, leak, crumble. So, this whole tear up the floor replace the pipes and lay down new tile? A good thing.

It isn't done, but the tile is laid.
Tiles Are In

Nothing is square, nothing.
Tiles Are In

But the black and white looks good (it was black and light green before), it will be clean, not broken, and so solid. And not embedded in 4 inches of concrete.

Grouting tomorrow. Unfotunately this means sharing a bathroom with Meme while she is here. Many apologies to her.

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